Book Signing with Kimberly Einmo!

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So last night I was lucky enough to attend a book signing at Scrap and Sew in Lutz for Kimberly Einmo’s new book – Precut Bonanza. This book is the third and final installment of her precuts trilogy. She did tell us she has signed contracts for two more books so keep an eye out for new stuff from her next year too!

This book is a sampler quilters dream. She gives you recipes and instructions for constructing 200 blocks all from precuts. There are gorgeous photographs included in the book showing examples of pretty sampler quilts made from the blocks. She gave the recommendation of copying the blocks so you can see the values in grayscale for planning your fabric. I’ll be using my handy iPhone app to do that!

Of course I had to get a photo with the author!

AQS has a sample of the book so you can see a few pages inside and get an idea of what the book contains. I love the quilt photos! Take a look!

Kimberly was so sweet and took time to talk to everyone in the shop. We all kind of knew each other either from quilt guild or from the shops crafter nights. I signed up to go to crafters night next Friday so I can have some sewing fun with friends. They sew from 6PM to midnight working on all sorts of projects. I’m not sure what I’m going to take yet but it’ll be something that needs attention.

If you haven’t listened to Kimberly’s interview on my podcast take a listen to Episode 36 here – it’s one of my personal favorites!

While at the shop I had to do some general shopping and found a few other things to come home with me:


Kimberly’s new book, an owl pattern and a pile of scraps!

It was a really fun night. My hubby met me over there and we had dinner before heading home. This morning I had to take Bernie to the vet for a nail trim and to get her tooshie glands looked at. She had a blast! I’ve never seen a dog that loves the vet more than her.


And now I’m off to make all sorts of doggie crafts for a craft show! Have a great weekend!


  1. First off, you look great! I can tell you’re losing 🙂 Congrats! I’m glad you had fun. Kimberly seems like she would be so fun to meet and chat with. Your interview with her is one of my favorites and prompted me to order her books. Is Miss Bernie’s bottom doing better?

    • She did good at the vet today – everything looked fine. She’s almost 27 lbs so I gotta feed her a bit less and get her down to a trim 25 lbs. I have a funny Byron story to share on the podcast tomorrow. 🙂

  2. Hope you had a great time at the signing. I think this book will be on my bookshelf soon.
    Talk to you soon…

  3. Hi Katie,
    It was great meeting you last night at Scrap and Sew!! Thank you for turning me onto your blog, I love it!!! Kimberly Einmo’s books are the best, I love her bright colors, instructions, and tips!!! And Kimberly is so sweet, personable and talented too!!
    Happy Quilting!!

  4. I LOVE all of Kimberly’s books! I use them so much that I have taken them to Staples to get them spiral bound. The new book is a little different in that it is not project focused — it’s more of a reference and a starting place for you to create your own projects. In think it’s “must have” for a quilter’s library.