Gettin Stuff Done! Quilts, embroidery and a sewing machine rant.


Emerald Origins – fresh back from the longarmer!


Emerald Origins – quilting detail

I have a bunch of deadlines coming up so I’ve been working diligently on getting things completed. Friday night I attended a crafters night at Scrap and Sew. Anyone can come work on a sewing project from 6PM-midnight. I don’t do it very often since Friday night is usually my date night but it’s fun to get out and sew with the girls once in a while. I left around 11PM but here is what I was able to get done:

  • Attached the binding to my Emerald Origins quilt that is fresh back from the longarmer. Now I just need to hand sew the binding to the back and attach a label.  When I finish the quilt I’ll do a complete separate post with photos and info of the longarmer who I will definitely use again.
  • Made yards and yards of black binding that is being used to bind the sewing machine mats
  • Completed three sewing machine mats and cut out a 4th 

I committed to selling 10 mats at the quilt show. I still need to get my fabric bowls completed for the boutique. Hopefully I can get all those done in the next three weeks.

I got my sewing machine back!  And a rant about Husqvarna Viking.

Uptake lever before Uptake lever with modification
Uptake hook before and Uptake hook after (they just added a little clip)

My main sewing machine is a Husqvarna Viking Topaz 20. It has an embroidery attachment and a rather large throat area for quilting. I’ve been using this sewing machine for about a year now. When I started doing embroidery a lot earlier this year I noticed I was having issues with the thread breaking or shredding no matter what thread brand I was using – especially if I was doing high speed embroidery.

The shredding only happened when the upper thread slipped or popped off the uptake lever.   This became increasingly frustrating.

It is a design issue for the Topaz, Ruby and Diamond models that Husqvarna realized about a year after they were released. The uptake lever was just a hook with NOTHING in place to keep the thread from slipping or popping off. What irks me is I received no notification from my dealer or from Husqvarna directly letting me know a modification was available covered under warranty to fix this issue.

In my humble opinion I really feel that high-end sewing machines that cost well over $2,000 should come with notifications when design flaws are found and modifications become available. Much like when a car gets recalled for something working improperly I think sewing machine dealers should work the same way.

Thankfully I got my machine back and it is doing better. I did a lot of embroidery over the weekend and found the thread slippage decreased by about 85%. Its still not perfect but the modification (a little plastic clip that went onto the hook) seems to be helping.

In-the-hoop project explosion

I’ve been having a ball making little zip cases and quilted keychains for an upcoming pet event. My embroidery machine has been working overtime! These projects are perfect for charm packs and leftover fabrics that need to be used up.  I’m using two designs here the free zip case and the quilted monogrammed keychain.  The zip case takes me less than 10 minutes to do and the keychain takes about 15-20 minutes total depending on the design in the middle and if you’re doing an applique square for the center design.




I had to make myself a keychain using owl fabric of course!


A keychain I made for a friend


Some cute display racks I found at Michaels

I also sewed on the sleeve for my entry into the November quilt show and covered the label with a piece of fabric. I have to turn in my quilt show entry on Saturday. I’m nervous about having it judged. I can see a million flaws in the quilt but I wanted to enter something.

Hurray for getting stuff done!


  1. The quilt looks beautiful!
    You have been busy making cute things. I am sure the show will go well for you.

  2. Have you tried contacting Husqvarna about your issues and rant? They might agree with you and compensate you in some way.
    Your key chains look lovely! I really like the paw print ones, they’re so cute!
    Yay for you for getting so much done in a few hours! I envy you :)))

  3. Светлана says:

    Как мне понравились брелки!!!!! Они просто прекрасны!!!


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