Quilt All of the Things

I have a whole bunch of tops that need quilting now, several of them have already been pin basted and are just waiting for me to get my act together.

I haven’t quilted anything in a while so it took a bit to get my machine set back up for straight line and free motion quilting. I broke in my quilt leaf on my new sewing cabinet! I like it a lot I just wish I had more room in my sewing studio to get around the cabinet when everything is folded out. I can’t get behind it at all when it’s all setup so it makes it awkward in my 10 x 11 room.

Jelly Roll Race Batik

This one is on a deadline so I had to work on getting the quilting done. I did a simple meander on the whole thing. My first thread choice didn’t want to play nice in my machine so I had to use a different color. I used Metro embroidery thread for this top. I rather like the way it turned out. The binding is on now and I just need to attach a label and mail it to my parents. My mom is giving this to my dad for his birthday.



Leftovers the quiltLeftovers

This one has been pin basted for a while I just have pushed it to the side to wait on quilting it.

I used a vintage sheet for the back and I’m trying out a batting I haven’t worked with before by Fairfield. It’s an 80/20 lowloft batting. Not sure I like it yet. I’ll give my final determination when I wash the quilt. I’m used to having a more substantial batting using Warm and Natural which tends to be a bit thicker but maybe this will turn out nice.

I’m using Aurifil 50 wt Mako 2021 for this. I wanted more of the texture to stand out than the thread.




This one is going to need a lot of quilting in the beige areas. I’m not sure what I’m going to do in the colored areas. I don’t want to use a thread that is going to stand out but I do want to quilt a little bit in those areas too. This quilt is going to take a while. It’s not under a deadline though so I can take it on and off the machine as needed.

Riley Blake Good Life Panel (Fabric.com carries it too)

This was a panel I purchased at Inspire! weekend before last. I put a border on it and pondered over the quilting for a bit. In the end I decided to follow the fabric design.

I added the green swirl fabric as a small border. The panel includes quilt labels at the bottom so I trimmed off that portion before bordering it. I love the selvage of this fabric – they did the colors in pear shapes! I’m using that on my label too I think. It’s too cute to not use. I’m trying so hard to not save selvages since I don’t have the room to save EVERYTHING but fabric designers keep coming up with cute selvage tags.

Also using Aurifil 50 wt for this one. I think I’m going to have to get a green and brown to quilt the rest. My machine didn’t want to use another brand of brown thread last night! Drove me nuts trying to get it to cooperate. I guess it is spoiled with Aurifil now. Thankfully I have a thread card so I can match the color perfectly and get thread from The Quilt Bear (they’re now offering a buy 3 get one free deal on Aurifil!)



I followed a dark beige chevron line for the zigzag. I tried to setup my machine to do this with a walking foot but it didn’t want to play nice so I ended up free motion quilting the whole design. It wasn’t too hard once I got the hang of the sharp edges.


The background is finished. Now to do a little bit on the tree and do the borders. Borders will have a swirl pattern similar to the fabric print.

I still have a few other projects that need quilting when these are finished. I’m going to have to take a little quilting break soon since I need to make some things for a craft show. A friend of mine got a vendor table and asked if I wanted to sell some merchandise. I’m going to embroider some stuff I think. It’s at a dog event so I can make some cute dog things.


  1. Thanks for the mention Katie! Love what you are working on! I find my machine is spoiled on the Aurifil thread too. Let me know if there are other colors you would like me to order for you. We are expanding the colors on the website as we have requests for them. 🙂

    • Thanks Mary Jo! I’ll be pulling out my thread card and marking down what colors I need. You’ll be getting an e-mail from me soon!

  2. Looks like you did a really nice job with your quilting, Katie!

    • Thanks! Not bad for being so out of practice. I seriously haven’t quilted anything in months. I was more than a little nervous getting back into it.

  3. Congratulations on working through your pile of tops! It’s gotta be a great feeling. I also have a stack of tops and I am *resolutely* determined to get them quilted before I piece any MORE tops!

    LOVE the “quilt all the things” graphic! Is that shareable? Can I use it on my blog & website?

  4. Nice job with the quilting on the panel quilt. I like the zig=zag effect. Your jelly roll race quilts and scrap quilt turned out really nice as well.

  5. You have been really busy! Just think how nice it will feel when they are all done and stacked up 🙂

  6. You are getting so much completed. I like the bright colors of each of the quilts.

    I have to tell you that over the holiday weekend I made an ironing board topper. Your info you listed for making the topper, along with the link for the video was very useful. I gained about 18 inches more pressing space on my ironing board. My new topper is 5 foot X 20 inches. I like all the pressing space that I now have. Thank you.

  7. I love how you quilted your panel?

  8. Hi Katie! These are all very nice quilts! Doesn’t it feel good to have them all quilted (or almost quilted)? You do a great job – thanks for your inspiration!

  9. Wow! you are zipping along. I love the texture of the panel where you followed the chevron lines. I’m going to have to think about that….so cool!

  10. Katie I am 59 and absolutely love listening to your podcast and reading your blog. Peggy


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