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52 – Preparations, new tutorial, quilting by check and failures

  • I spent a few weeks of September getting things made for vending at a pet event – didn’t really work out. New plan in action!
  • Two finishes! 
  • Quilt show prep
  • #quilterWeddings – I share my wedding story (this inspired by the #quilterweddings photo share that went viral on twitter)

    Click photo for album slideshow


  • A new tutorial and my process coming up with that little pouch
  • Some fabric purchases
  • Product review – Seam fix seam ripper and Bear Thread applique pressing sheet
  • Fitness update
  • Some apps I’m using to track walking distance and weight training reps/progress
  • My first “quilting by check” experience with my fabulous longarmer
  • A rant about sewing machine dealers and “recall” work covered by warranty
  • Movie reviews – Looper
  • Big Dreams Embroidery comes through on a special request!
  • Fall in Florida
  • Live broadcasting of KQC
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  1. Кэти! Ты вышла замуж! Поздравляю тебя! Такое важное событие! С удовольствием посмотрела фотографии. У твоего мужа очень открытое лицо и вы с ним чем-то похожи)))). Мама твоя немного растеряна, а папа такой добродушный и радостный! Счастья вашей семье!!!!

  2. Didn’t get to listen yet, but I love your wedding photos! Love the red and white color scheme – your dress was gorgeous – very different! Looking forward to the 3pm live broadcast today!

  3. Katie, what beautiful pictures! You look lovely and hubby’s quite handsome. The red and white theme is so pretty – thanks for sharing and I look forward to listening to the podcast.

  4. Thank you for the nice long podcast. I’m on late shift today and promised myself that I would clean my bureau top and room before my Bee comes over. You kept me company the whole time; it was like having a friend sitting on my bed and visiting.

    The Gym pact sounds intriguing. You helped me get to My Fitness Pal and that’s been a big help in my journey.

    All the best.

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