53 – Craft shows, In-The-Hoop fun, to do lists, coupon policies and tips for you!


    • Tattoos – call in with your tattoo ideas and stories if you already have a tattoo (quilting and non-quilting related)

Call in to the podcast using the link above (or call direct 813-428-8131).

  • Tips from Love and Quilting magazine


  1. Hi, I listean to the Podcast Answern Man podcast by Cliff Ravenscraft (podcastanswerman.com) He talks about word press plug ins that address the issue of getting all of you podcast episodes to show in itunes in 239. I hope you are using word press and that this helps!

    • Thanks Maggie – I played with my feed settings and didn’t notice a difference. I’ll see if this plugin helps. I’ve installed it. Time will tell once my feeds update. Not sure what else to change at this point.

  2. Thanks for the fb tip!! I just have to go through it all now and make the list. I know I’m not seeing a lot.

  3. Thanks for keeping me company while I drove and then out away laundry.

    Maybe the reason people ask questions at craft shows is because they don’t want to pick up your lovely items silently? I always like to talk with the artists myself.

    My Mom is 75 and has not stopped loving horses yet. She is a Master of Foxhounds in Maryland with opening hunt on 10/28, weather permitting!

  4. Awesome tip for the keyring! Sometimes they are really hard to open and the your fingernails end up taking a beating!

  5. Keep me in mind for your Veteran’s Day Google + chat, if you are looking for more people.

  6. I’ve been thinking about your tattoo question. I’m not likely to get one because I know how my tastes have changed over the years, and I’d hate to be stuck with a tattoo I got on a whim. A tattoo I get now may not look so good 20 years from now when I gain or lose weight. Maybe if they weren’t so PERMANENT, I’d get one. Maybe the technology will improve so that the ink can be removed more easily. Until then, no tattoo for me!

    I know others feel differently. When I see people with tattoos and wonder about the stories behind them, why they chose what they chose. As an aside, I read a book about a tattoo artist several years ago ( I think the author was John Irving). There is a lot of symbolism in the old traditional tattoos.

    Bonnie Hunter had a picture on her site today of a woman with a purple featherweight on her back.