Future Live Broadcasts

On Wednesday night I did my first live broadcast from my sewing studio! I used UStream but didn’t really care for it. So I’m going to try a new platform for my next show. I hope you’ll join me on Sunday for some chatting and sewing time together. It has a live chat box on the broadcast page so you can ask questions and chat with other viewers. I’ll have to see if I can find a way to record the entirety of the show since this platform only records 10 minutes of each one without paying for a pro account.

I’m really excited for the potential of this during future sew-ins!

Next Broadcast: Sunday, October 7th at 3:00PM EST

Katies Quilting Corner Live Broadcast Channel

Feel free to leave a question for me to answer during the live broadcast.


  1. How fun! I will try to listen, but that is right when I am herding kids into church clothes and trying to get to church on time. 🙁 Although this week we do have conference that is a satellite feed at 1 so maybe I can!

    • I understand! I’m going to have to play with the broadcast times a bit so I’ll likely have some in the evenings while I sew during the week and on Sundays when I’m at home by myself. It won’t be my last one for sure – I’ll publicise the future broadcast times via Twitter and Facebook along with posting them here if I know far enough in advance.

  2. I love how you techie and quilty geniuses are challenging and stretching me all the time. You definitely help keep this 50-something woman acting like the 20-something woman who lives inside me.

  3. Hi Katie – What fun – I plan to listen in on Sunday! Terje – I’m with ya!

  4. I’ll try to check in. Sunday tends to be a big TV sports afternoon here in the Baltimore-Washington area.

    All the best.

  5. Katie,
    Will your videos be recorded for later viewing?

    I was looking at your Rainbow Insomnia quilt and really admired the quilting that you did in the black areas. I would like to watch your process of marking and quilting an area like you did in those black areas of that quilt. It would be interesting and informational to see an everyday home quilter demo the process.

    Thanks for keeping me company to and from work via your podcasts.

    • I’ll have 30 minute segments of the live broadcasts available for viewing but they limit how many of those videos I can save. That is a great idea on what to show for a future live broadcast though!