Keeping the Embroidery Machine Busy

I’ve been doing several projects on my embroidery machine and I’ve got a few left to do before the quilt show gets here on November 10th. ¬†Here are a few of the things I’ve been working on:


This is a price board for a friend of mine that is doing lots of craft shows with her pet items. These letters and names were stitched out in the hoop. The “Prices” ones were done using an In-The-Hoop Carnival Banner from Big Dreams Embroidery and I left off the buttonholes. The backs have velcro so they stick to the felt that I stretched over a piece of canvas. Everything can be moved around easily but they stay put once you stick them on.

The rectangular pieces I added lettering from the “Walt” font and did an applique rectangle ¬†embroidery file also from BDE. I pinked the edges since they looked weird being topstitched.

The prices are oval embroidery files that I added a back to with velcro and let it finish with the satin stitch outside.

I think the whole thing will really catch people’s attention now!

In-The-Hoop quilted e-reader case

This is an e-reader case that I made my boss for Bosses Day. I tried making it earlier this week but had some thread tension issues so she’ll get it on Monday. This is completely done in the hoop. It’s a bit complicated and took me over an hour to do but it turned out cute I think. It is fully lined with an inner pocket. It has a zip closure. I added a ribbon tab with a clip.


Not done on my embroidery machine – this is the viewer’s choice basket! I still have to stitch out a label for the basket so that it says “Viewer’s Choice” on it. This is the “lid” that velcros shut on one side. This way the votes don’t blow out of the basket if we have high winds that day. It isn’t really anything fancy. I didn’t want to spend a whole bunch of time on it. I still have to print out a bunch of ballots and cut them apart so we have enough.


  1. Everything looks great!

  2. I really love what you did with the Price Board Katie! It looks fantastic!!

  3. Love the font for the price board :)