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Organization Inspiration

The weather has cooled off a bit so I’m trying to spend some time getting my house in order for Fall. I’m admittedly not the best housekeeper but I try to keep the basics under control (dishes, laundry, floors). I got fed up with my pantry and the state of my kitchen organization and decided to do something about it. My feet hurt like heck but it was worth all the time spent to redo the pantry and to start to get the rest of it under control.

Spice cabinet you are next. You’ve been warned.


Pantry BEFORE. Stuff was just kind of thrown in. There was a lot of expired canned food and such. The bottom had boxes full of open liquor bottles from our move into our house over 3 years ago. I pulled that out and threw it all away.

I spent some time going through the food and throwing out the expired stuff. Some of it expired in 2008. I’m not a huge fan of my little pantry since I’d much rather have a wall in butler’s pantry but I guess the amount of food two people need doesn’t really necessitate that. Anyhoo – I bought some bins that I thought would fit on the floor but they were too deep to fit into the pantry to shut the doors. I had to improvise. A trip to Wal-Mart resulted in two wire shelves, some stacking bins and some baskets that slid under the shelves.


Pantry AFTER!

I haven’t found a use for all the stacking bins but I’m sure they will reveal their intended use as I go along. I’m glad I finally have a place to put onions and potatoes in a pantry. I’ve never had bins for them before in the 10+ years I’ve lived away from home.



And what became of the bins that wouldn’t fit? I’m using them to store my denim scraps!


I want to clean out my fridge and wipe it all down soon too. That’ll have to be a project later on. I got some lazy susans for the spice cabinet and I need to go through that and pull out old spices.

I’ve been on my feet a lot of the weekend. They’re begging for me to relax! Yesterday was the first quilt show practice run and it was kind of disorganized but we muddled through. It’ll be interesting what the feedback was on Tuesday. It was so darned windy from Hurricane Sandy that the quilts didn’t want to stay on the ropes that we hung in the trees.

I’m gonna go put my feet up! I hope you were productive this weekend!

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