The Progress Post in Photos

I’ve been kind of silent in the blogosphere lately since I’ve been working on finishing a few quilts, writing the pouch tutorial and other misc. stuff.  I didn’t think I’d have enough to podcast about on Sunday so I skipped another week. I will be recording this Sunday though.

Here’s what I’ve been up to in no particular order:


Sewing on labels

I’m a really slow hand sewer so it takes me quite a while to stitch down a label and/or binding. I also want it to be really secure and not have the stitches show up. One day I’ll do a tutorial on how I make my quilt labels using my embroidery machine since I think it’s pretty neat.


Binding Emerald Origins

I should put the last few stitches on the binding for Emerald Origins tonight and then I just have the label left to stitch on. I haven’t had a lot of TV time the past few weeks to really work on this so I’ve been putting in 30 minutes at lunch during the week at work. It’s slowly getting done. I’m really proud of my mitered corners on this quilt!Untitled

This is my little needlebook that I’ve been toting to and from work to hand stitch binding down. A workshop presenter this year gave it to me as a gift for arranging the workshops. Isn’t it sweet?

This little needle book has been awesome. I wish it had a pocket for the Aurifil thread but I just kind of tuck that inside the middle for safekeeping during transport.


My new iPhone 5 came in so I made it an owl pouch for my purse!

I made a few owl pouches and wrote a short tutorial on how I did it. They’re really easy to do.


Byron slept a lot


… when he wasn’t begging for Ritz Crackers. Ringo apparently has him addicted to Ritz now.

And a general fitness update

I’m now down 11 lbs total since the end of June. It’s slowly coming off. I’ve joined GymPact to keep up with my workouts so I can be more consistent there.  Saw my personal trainer last night to get a whole bunch of new free weight exercises to rotate in my weight training routine. Also tried out her rowing machine. Holy cow is that thing awesome!

She’s having me focus on my core primarily since that is where I’m going to get the biggest bang for my buck.  Some of the exercises were really hard! I have terrible balance because my core is so weak.  I know I’ll get better though.

Since the weather is finally cooling off I’m walking around my neighborhood more with one of the corgis. I rotate them. Byron hasn’t gone out yet since he hates leaving the house. I may try him later this week to see how he does but he’s not fond of new places like the Pembrokes are. I’m using RunKeeper to track my progress (distance, speed, elevation, routes). It is REALLY useful and I like that it gives me audio cues while I’m walking so I know how much time I’ve spent.


  1. Love to see what things you got done! The needle book and pouch are adorable! Byron is still a sweet heart :))) You rock with the weight loss, keep up the great work! 🙂 Go Katie!!

  2. Светлана says:

    Замечательная одежда для айфона!
    Я 3 года назад за полгода потеряла 18 кг! Так горда этим)))))))