54 – Quilt Show prep, thread storage, bowls, photography



  • Custom zipper cases – owls!
  • More quilt show prep
    • Label for viewer’s choice basket
    • ballots
  • Bowls, bowls, bowls
    • A bowl gets purchased before it leaves my studio!
  • Reorganizing my thread storage
    • Pegboard
    • Hooks
    • Hook set for various tools
    • Painting a pegboard
  • My todo list once the quilt show is over
  • Winner of the Thanksgiving Aurifil thread giveaway announced – a survivor of Hurricane Sandy
  • Bonnie Hunter’s new Mystery Quilt teaser post with yardage requirement
  • Had a yummy dinner at my favorite Thai restaurant and tried something new
  • A new cleaning toy! The Hoover Twin Tank Steam Mop
  • I’m getting organized around the house
  • Tattoo contemplation continued
  • Pinball festival – photography!
  • The Color Run


  1. Your fabric bowls are beautiful. Can you share how much you will charge? You had mentioned you may put some on Etsy?


    • I probably will list whatever I don’t sell at the show on etsy. The small bowls are $13 and the large bowls start at $18 and go up from there. Shipping charges vary per bowl. I just shipped a medium size one and it was $8 to ship it.

  2. I love the bowls!
    For pegboard supplies, you might check Harbor Freight. They have good deals on a lot of random Home Improvement type stuff.
    Tattoos – not a fan personally, BUT… here is my suggestion – Some version of your current logo, paw-prints, Corgi initials, spool and needle, quilt block, and/or any combo of those. Perhaps a needle stitching on a paw-print. You might get some temporary tattoos and place them on the places you might put a tattoo and test drive sites and sizes.
    I wish I could join in the Veterans day thing, if it were Monday I could but Sunday is hard. I hope you guys all post on your blogs and podcast a little about it though!

    • The HF prices online were not great – I checked them but maybe they are different in store. There is one near my office I may have to stop by sometime.

      Love your tattoo ideas!

  3. Hi Katie,
    Here is the link to the featherweight tattoo: http://quiltville.blogspot.com/2012/11/lets-go-sew.html
    Too big for my taste, but to each her own!

    I have a small dolphin on my lower outside thigh. I like it because if I wear shorts, it shows, but it is really easy to cover with pants, capris, or a longer skirt. The only problem I see with your foot is this….the most common time you might want to cover it up is dress-up events. These would be the most common time to wear pumps or other dress shoes which means, no socks to cover it up. Just something to think about. I love having mine. I got mine in college, and chose the dolphin because I try to be earth friendly and dolphins seem to have a bit of that reputation, plus I just love them as an animal. I also love to swim.

    Final comment….I sent a link to the steam mop to my mom as a Christmas present. Thank you for the unbiased review. I, obviously, found it to be very helpful!

  4. Am behind on my commenting, but I enjoyed the episode very much. I tend to listen at the end of a week, so have happy feelings coming home to family and sewing.

    All the best.