Bowl Bonanza (huge photo catchup of the weekend)

The quilt show is in 6 days! I can’t believe it. We had our second dry run on Saturday which went much better than the first one. I showed up at 11AM not knowing we were supposed to be there at 9AM (I couldn’t make the guild meeting) but all was not lost, I helped with the last few quilts and then helped with takedown. The third and final dry run is on Friday but I’m working so I won’t be there.

I’m finishing up my items for the quilt show boutique where they will be sold. I hope I sell everything I bring! I signed up for 10 small bowls, 10 medium bowls and 10 sewing machine mats. I have a few more sewing machine mats to do but I need to get some more yardage for them and make some more binding too.

Look at all the bowls! (PSST – want a tutorial on how to do these? I have one right here!)





I also got the label done for the ballot basket. I love how it turned out!


Friday night we went to my FAVORITE Thai place and I tried something new – pan-fried snapper! It was sooo delicious. Ringo enjoyed his meal a lot too. I’m glad he’s relenting and trying new foods because this place is delicious.


I got some zipper cases done for a customer that wanted owl fabric so I gave her a choice between several different kinds:



And the corgis were lazy all weekend!


Byron waits on his master to awaken


Bernie on her throne of pillows


Basil is finally using his standby office crate!


  1. With all these practice runs I bet your quilt show will be hugely successful! Great photos! The bowls are beautiful! Makes me want to go make one. They are such fun.

  2. Good luck at the show Katie!

  3. Your bowls look gorgeous Katie, hope you’ll be able to sell evetything! Wish you luck with the quilt show and keep us posted how your Rainbow Insomnia quilt did!

  4. I have been listening to your wonderful podcasts, almost caught up. Love every one of them. In one of the book review ones, you mentioned a book that tells you what to do with the remnant pieces, cut 2 inch strips, squares this or another size and you said the book has a chapter on what to do with all these. I was listening to a bunch of podcasts one after the other, did not write down the episode number and now I can’t find it! can you please tell me what book it is? Thanks!

    • That could be any number of scrap books that I’ve reviewed – it would be hard to pinpoint without knowing the episode number. My episode show notes usually link any books that I’ve reviewed or talked about in the episode so people can reference it.

      Something that may get you started is Bonnie Hunter’s Scrap Users System – she tells you what sizes to cut your scraps into that are usable and how to store them:

      And I’m wondering if the book you’re thinking of is from Episode 28 – Big Block quilts. It uses a lot of squares and strips to make blocks.

      If that’s not it you can browse my posts referencing book reviews to see if you can find the one you were thinking of!

  5. Светлана says:

    Кэти, как мне нравятся твои чехольчики с совами! Просто чудо!

    У меня никак руки до корзинок не дойдут! Очень красивые у тебя!

  6. Love your bowls. I have been working on my 1st one. Had trouble with 1 machine had to change to a different one. It is now a hot mat for the table but it is cute. What do you set your zig zag on? Love the Black bowl with just a tiny bit of color… How did you do that? just add a round of color? Wish I could go to your quilt show. kris

    • I set my zig-zag kind of wide so it catches both sides and not too narrow. You don’t want a satin stitch at all, you want some space in between the zig-zag. I adjust it in the beginning. I’ll have to write down the settings on my machine sometime and share them – I know not all machines are universal but it might help you get an idea.

  7. Sorry maybe it was the green one!!

    • The green one was a Christmas fabric that had Christmas lights printed on the green background so it came out looking multi-colored! It is amazing how the different fabric prints turn out once you cut them up small and wrap them on cording.

  8. shelly beth says:

    Love the bowls! You are such a generous person to do so much work for your guild!
    I really enjoy your podcasts. Thanks so much for sharing your time and talents with us!
    shelly beth grappe

    • The bowls and the mats I get 85% of the sales from so that’s nice at least! I hope they sell.

      Thanks for listening to the podcasts and commenting for the first time!

  9. Good luck on the show. Hopefully I will see you there.