Cleaning and Purging + Lightscoop testing

I’m still cleaning out my studio and working on getting it ready for lots of UFO finishes. In the process I’m finding piles of swap blocks, class projects that are half-finished and scraps that don’t have a permanent home yet.

Pegboard almost done, sewing cabinet in place, Rainbow Insomnia on the wall.

I really like how things are shaping up with the pegboard. Not sure what I’m going to do with the rest of my thread quite yet. I’m waiting on another package of 100 hooks to get here so I can shift everything off of the little thread racks but I may keep one just for my Aurifil since those cones fit nicely on it.

The UFOs that bother me the most right now are the ones from classes. Part of me wants to finish them and part of me says to heck with it, I learned the technique – do I really need to finish the project with fabric I might not be in love with? Two projects in particular I’m really on the fence about – the Karen Kay Buckley sample and the “fake” drunkards path blocks from the Carol Henry class that I haven’t sewn together yet into anything. I may keep the Drunkard’s Path ones since I like the fabric and do a small quilt with them. I know the KKB sample will look great when it’s finished but I’m bleh feeling about it.

I have a lot of blocks from swaps that I’m on the fence about too. Maybe on Sunday I can pull stuff out and decide to keep it or part with it.

I also need to pull my fabrics for Easy Street and sequester my stuff from Orca Bay so they don’t get mixed up.

Lightscoop – a handy attachment for your DSLR camera

I’m doing some indoor photography on Saturday at the Southern Pinball Festival and I wanted to figure out a way to improve my indoor lighting using my popup flash without having to buy a fancy flash. I did some searching and happened upon this neat little device called a “Lightscoop“. It sounded like it was exactly what I was looking for and for $30 was much better than spending hundreds on a new flash.

Professor Kobre’s Lightscoop Standard Version Bounce Flash Device – Universal Model

This thing is PERFECT for indoor photography and works in situations where you have to worry about low lighting or red-eye (pets and kids). I was really impressed with how well it did in my living room at night.  Here are some comparison shots so you can see the difference Lightscoop makes.

Bernie - Testing Lightscoop

The light is dispersed really nicely with the subject evenly lit and the background too. No harsh glare on Bernie and no red-eye to have to worry about even shooting this close (the camera was about 10 inches away from her).

Bernie - Testing Lightscoop

Shooting Bernie directly from the front also looks fine – no red eye. She’s lit up great.

Bernie - Testing Lightscoop

Shot this one from the left, still pleased with it. Could have fiddled with my shutter speed to brighten the shot.

Normally I refuse to take shots indoors if the lighting is bad but with this little attachment I don’t have to worry about that anymore. Can’t wait to see how things turn out with my photos on Saturday!

This little tool is now a “must have” in my camera bag.


  1. Great info about the Lightscoop– I definitely need to check it out. And Bernie was born to be a model!

    • I’m really excited to use the Lightscoop for things I want to list on Etsy or Ebay. I think it’ll help my listings look better!

  2. You could take all those unwanted blocks, and finish them up into smaller quilts and donate them someplace that wouldn’t care what they look like.

    • Thanks Ann Marie! That’s definitely one of my ideas, especially with all the hurricane Sandy quilt collections going on right now. Not sure how big my quilts would turn out or how fast I could get them quilted and bound depending on the condition of the blocks. I’ll have to make that judgment call once I get them out.

      Might hold a giveaway or something LOL

  3. You find the coolest stuff! I want one!!!

  4. How funny Katie, I bought a Lightscoop over 6 months ago at the recommendation of another blogger and haven’t used it yet…in fact I forgot all about it until you mentioned it here, LOL. Or more to the point, I definitely need to stop buying shi- and start USING shi- LOL

  5. Hey Katie! I listen to all of your podcasts and am embarrassed at how infrequently I post comments on your blog. 🙁 Shame on me. I’m not a blogger and I don’t quilt as much as I used to (shame on me! lol) but I LOVE listening and I definitely need to and will do an itunes review for ya.

    I was really excited to hear about the lightscoop! I’ve had my DSLR for about six months and avoid shooting indoors at night like the plague because of the awful flash. About a month ago I put that very same lightscoop on my Amazon wish list – I think it’s time to finally purchase it! 😀 Good luck with your upcoming photography assignment, it sounds like fun!

    • I think you’ll really like it! It’s now a “must bring” accessory in my camera bag. Worth the $30 for sure. I’ve tried some of the DIY bounces like the business card and they did not work out well at all, not like this.

      Thanks for commenting and appreciate anyone that takes the time to leave an iTunes review, it means a lot to all us podcasters.