Crayon Quilt Sample & Corgi stuff

I’ve slowly been working on my sample for a class I’ll be teaching next Spring out of this book: Creative Quilts from Your Crayon Box: Melt-n-Blend Meets Fusible AppliqueThe technique is really fun to play with and there are lots of possibilities for applique.

I had to redo a few pieces since the first try didn’t blend well or I got too much color soaked into the fabric but I finally got all of them done last night. Halfway through the project I switched fusible web to something that worked perfectly and didn’t lose it’s stickyness after being heated up repeatedly (this is important when you’re blending on the teflon applique sheet – you need your shapes to stay put). Floriani Applikay Wonder. I love this stuff!

I positioned everything how I wanted it and started to stitch it down. I used a blind hem stitch with Aurifil monofiliment and a microtex needle. It worked out great and didn’t take away from any of the color in the applique pieces.



I just need to sit down and quilt it now. I made the binding last night too while I was at it.

Here is a preview video of the technique so you can get an idea as to how it is done:

My sewing machine got a new little decal sticker on it a few days ago too! A little sticker pack came with a new corgi t-shirt that I bought off of ebay. I thought this was the perfect place for the small decal.



Here’s how I found Bernie last night when I came out of my sewing room:



  1. Your project is perfect. Your students are going to have so much fun. The video was really helpful. I had no idea.

  2. Very cool! I’ve been using crayons on my fabric to make labels for years but it never crossed my mind to melt the crayon! I think I need a new box of crayons to play with. Thanks for mentioning the thread and needle you use. I have a project that I am finishing up and was looking for a good thread to anchor the edges without taking away from from the overall design.

    • Thanks for your reply…even the info about the fusible web. I tossed mine when I finished because half the poppy wasn’t fusing. I’ll have to see if I can find this…I’ve never heard of it.

  3. That’s so awesome that you’re teaching a class! I love the Floriani product…it has become my go-to applique product.

    • My quilt shop is selling all Floriani stabilizer at 50% off so they can clear their inventory on Saturday. I’m gonna be there at 9AM to buy what I can. What other stabilizers do you like?

  4. I finally got around to watching the video you shared. Can you tell me what she is using to apply the color? Crayola is going to be selling lots of crayons once this technique gets introduced to the quilting world!