Major Orca Bay Progress

I started Orca Bay last year and my progress stalled around clue #6 before it was stuck into a tray until I picked it back up a week or so ago. Since the new mystery was starting so soon I wanted to try to make some progress before I started a new project, mostly to save space.

This pattern can now be found in Bonnie Hunter’s book String Fling.

I got a lot done in a week! Put the blocks together and finished sewing the rows together tonight. All I need now is to work on the pieced border and it’ll be ready to go to the longarmer.

My Viking Topaz lost upper thread tension completely today so I had to switch to Betty (Singer 201-2). Nothing has thread tension like Betty I swear.

Orca Bay in Progress

One of the main block units. Really scrappy! I used pink instead of red.

Orca Bay in Progress

Laying out the block unit.

Orca Bay in Progress

First row done

Orca Bay in Progress

Four rows done!


Betty got cleaned and oiled before she took over to finish piecing Orca Bay

Orca Bay in Progress

All 7 rows ready to be sewn together. Had to overlap them a bit so they could fit on my design wall

Orca Bay in Progress

Took a bit of wrestling to fit it all on Betty

Orca Bay in Progress

Her 1/4″ seam is beautiful though!

Orca Bay in Progress

All my rows are put together! She needs a good pressing before I measure for borders.


Basil was my piecing buddy for the afternoon


  1. Wonderful. I am working on mine too, trying to finish it all up before the last clue of Easy Street gets published. Seems I did the same thing last year with RRCB!

  2. Oooh, that’s very pretty. I love the pink instead of red. I just might try Bonnie’s next project! And Basil is a sweetie, keeping you company. My Abbie does sometimes, but she loves an old towel to lay on.

  3. Looks great! Aren’t you glad you persevered?

  4. Well done!! It’s so fun when a project goes from many small units to one assembled piece. Your colors are fab and the piece has such yummy movement. Way to go.

  5. So impressive Katie! I saw the photo on my iphone first yesterday but just had to come back to it this morning on my computer so I could get a better look. Wonderful job. 🙂

  6. Love your color way for this one. How wonderful to be so close to finished on a project with so many little pieces. Congratulations!

  7. Karen In NC says:

    Katie – The Orca Bay looks wonderful. I so wish I had done that one. I am going to do Easy Street this time. I signed up for the Flickr group and plan to start this week (was out of town and will be starting a few days late). I hope to do it completely from my stash.

  8. WOW! What a GORGEOUS quilt, just my cup of tea!


  9. Светлана says:

    Одеяло получается замечательное. Если честно, я не смогла бы так совместить цвета. Здорово, мне очень нравится. Я приспособила лапку для стёжки на старый “Зингер” и хочу к нему электромотор поставить. 100 лет ему, а шьёт – заглядение.

  10. Gorgeous! And hooray for Betty for coming to the rescue!

  11. Your Orca Bay is AWESOME! I love the colors that you used.
    I am doing Bonnie’s new mystery quilt along with you and all of the others. I am excited to see how they all turn out. Did you get Betty on ebay? I am starting to look around locally for one similar.
    Happy Stitching!
    ~June in AZ