My Fabric Picks for Easy Street

My room isn’t perfect yet but I had enough space cleaned off for me to pull fabric for Easy Street – the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt for this year. She had the very smart idea of pulling paint chips so everyone could accurately match fabrics for the mystery quilt even from far away!

I’m a member of the Bonnie Hunter Easy Street Mystery Quilt Flickr Group – we’re sharing all of our photos there and discussing the project amongst each other. A whole bunch of the podcasters are doing the quilt which is really fun since last year there were only a few people that worked on Orca Bay.

Easy Street - Fabric Picks - Bonnie Hunter Mystery 2012

I didn’t have as much purple as I thought nor did I have as much turquoise. I pulled from every bin I had and found lime green fabrics from surprising places.  Hopefully this is enough and I don’t have to supplement much from the quilt shop.

Easy Street - Fabric Picks - Bonnie Hunter Mystery 2012

I had to place an order at Thousands of Bolts for Moda black fabric and also purchased every black and white fat quarter I could find that was primarily white background. I got a lot of them! I think this will be enough. I had two pieces of yardage in my stash that also worked. One has skulls on it! I think that will be nice once it’s cut up.

Here is how I’ll be storing the project for now. I do plan on getting some of those art bins to keep my UFOs together a little better but this will do in the meantime.

Easy Street - Fabric Picks - Bonnie Hunter Mystery 2012

While I was at it I took a photo of the current status of Orca Bay! I’m still piecing my Ohio Star blocks. Everything else is neatly packaged in bags.

Orca Bay Current Status


  1. I’m still trying to decide on Bonnie’s quilt. I love the idea of doing a mystery quilt but I have become so resistant to following patterns or letting others choose my colors (except for my Mother’s fabric gift) that I don’t know if I will. I know I will at least save the patterns. Keep talking about it. I have a week or so and might jump on board.

  2. I REALLY love those bright colours. They will look striking with the white/black fabrics. Looking forward to seeing the quilt come together!

  3. Gorgeous fabrics!

  4. I love the fabrics you chose. I think they will make a beautiful quilt . And look how organized you are!!!!

  5. Sondra Wagner says:

    I love the colors too! I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

  6. Your fabrics are gorgeous! How did I miss seeing them in the Flickr group? That’s another mystery to solve 🙂 Love your B&W-s!