My New Favorite Cleaning Tool – Hoover Twin Tank Steam Mop Review

The Hoover Twin Tank Steam Mop

I’m slowly working through my house for “Fall Cleaning” and one of the things I hate doing is mopping my tile floors. I have tile in both my bathrooms, eat in kitchen and kitchen area along with the entire sunroom that is 12 x 100 feet. The sunroom kills me trying to mop it after sweeping everything up because of how large it is. We use it as a “doggie room” too so it gets all the stuff the dogs track in from outside on it along with the normal dust, dirt and hair that naturally happens when you own corgis.

A few people now have told me about steam mops and how awesome they are to use. I’ve tried Swifter, Clorox, and a few other brands of those “spray” mops that require a special solution and pads anytime you want to use it. They become expensive due to all the disposable materials you had to buy and I never found that they cleaned all that well. It’s not great for the environment or your wallet.

I did my research and after reading the Amazon Reviews of the product decided to purchase The Hoover Twin Tank Steam mop over the other models available.

I put it to the test on Tuesday night to see how it would do. It comes with two tanks on the main unit – one is for water and the other is for a special disinfecting solution that you have the option of using.  The tank for water isn’t that large so I was concerned I’d be constantly running back to refill it. Boy was I wrong! The water lasts a LONG time. I did the entire sunroom area, the guest bath, the eat in kitchen area and part of the main kitchen before I ran out of water.

You control the steam by pulling a trigger on the handle. For tough stains on the tile I let the unit sit for a little bit steaming on the stain before scrubbing it away. I felt the floor once it dried a few seconds later to see how clean it felt and it was amazing. Mopping never left the floor feeling that clean since I sometimes would have a filmy soap feeling depending on what cleaning solution I was using in the mop water.

Hoover Twin Tank Steam Mop

The unit is safe to use on the following surfaces:

  • Ceramic tile
  • Sealed hardwood
  • Linoleum
  • Carpet (for “refreshing” in between steam cleanings)

I only have tile and laminate flooring in my home so I’m limited to using the unit on the tile floors but those are typically the most difficult and time-consuming floors to clean.

Pros of the Steam Cleaner:

  • The cord is long enough to reach an entire room.  I found the 30′ length to be more than ample for the rooms I was cleaning.
  • The water lasts a long time while steam cleaning and you don’t have to refill the tank that often.
  • Your floors get very clean without having to use a toxic cleaning solution that isn’t safe for children or pets.
  • The cleaning pads are washable and reusable so you don’t have to waste money on throw away pads.
  • No mops or buckets to lug around from room to room! The steam cleaner is lightweight and easy to move.
  • If you want to steam clean with a cleaning solution you can only use the one Hoover recommends in the tank. It does last a long time but still, it’s an extra cost. I tried it out using the bottle that came with the package and it did a good job but I think just using steam worked just as well. Not sure how often I’ll be using their special cleaning solution.
  • Holding down the trigger for steam can get tiring. I wish there was a latch or something to keep steam constantly on if you were doing a large area.
  • This mop doesn’t allow other attachments to be used if you wanted to steam furniture or something else, it’s for floors only.
  • You have to use a tray for the mop when it is resting upright to prevent any damage to the floors from sitting in one place too long while it cools down or when you’re not mopping so it can become kind of a pain moving that tray from room to room. It’s not a big deal but a minor hassle at times.

I’m glad I purchased it and I know it’ll make my life easier when I need to mop.  I wish I’d had this device when Byron was a puppy!

I recommend purchasing the refurbished model – you can save a lot of money that way along with shipping and I’ve always had the best luck with refurbished items.

**This review is my own and I was not paid or compensated in any way for it. I purchased the steam mop with my own money.


  1. I’m happy you found something that satisfies your needs in the cleaning department :) Enjoy! Thanks for the great review, I’m sure Hoover would be proud!

  2. I’ve used a steam mop for years, and they’re great! I use an extension cord with it (the orange, “industrial” type) and can do the entire bottom floor of my house without having to unplug it.

  3. Thanks for sharing this review. I have debated for quite some time on the value of owning one

  4. Just an FYI…the Hoover twintank steam mop can be used on laminate flooring..