New Quilting Room Organization

My thread organization has been bothering me for a while in my room along with a few other things. I didn’t like the way I had my rulers on my wall and the placement of my design wall behind the sewing machine was NOT convenient in the least.

Right before the quilt show I ordered a few things to help me reorganize my room.

I also bought a can of Valspar spray paint in a pretty green color that I liked. I didn’t want to leave the pegboard the natural color in my room since I wanted something bright and cheery.

First I had to spraypaint the pegboard.

Pegboard Before Spraypaint

One can of spraypaint doesn’t quite do it though!

One can doesn't go quite far enough....

Here’s the spraypaint I used:

The spraypaint I used

That’s better!

Pegboard after painting

100 Hooks doesn’t go quite as far as I’d like. I’m going to have to order another set soon so I can finish it off.

Pegboard mounted with hooks

Pegboard with some stuff added including part of my embroidery thread supply

And the wall with the pegboard as it stands now:


I’m still moving some other stuff around and I’ll get photos of the entire room once everything has been put away. I need to get some storage bins for projects so that I can keep them all together with a lid. I also plan on cleaning out my fabric closet since I’ve got some stuff in there I need to destash.


  1. Your pegboard looks awesome Katie, it was totally worth it! Rainbow insomnia looks gorgeous on the wall, you found the perfect place for it! What’s the picture on the top shelf? Thanks for the links, I was thinking about getting a pegboard for my rulers and misc stuff too.

    • The top shelf has a painting we purchased in Isla Roatan on our last cruise. It’s a painting of monkeys in the trees. I’m going to take it down and hang it up elsewhere so I can get a better look at it. It’s too high up on the shelf. Not sure what I’m going to put on the shelf in it’s place but I’ll find something.

  2. Katie,
    Love your choice of color for your peg board…and it is so versatile! I’m going to have to take a look at my own sewing room for a potential peg wall! Thanks for the great idea!

  3. It looks good! And the perfect home for your rainbow quilt.

  4. The colour is great…. I’m hoping to paint mine lime green for my new room. Must empty it first!

  5. Sondra Wagner says:

    I love it! I moved about a year ago and still don’t have my sewing area set up. I had wanted to have a peg board too. I love the color you chose! I’m inspired!

  6. I tried to paint my peg board a lavender glitter. It took a full can and only covered about a quarter of it. I went and got 1 quart of Lavender Satin and painted it today. It came out beautiful. Waiting for it to dry and then I will hang it up.


  1. […] moved out and the pegboards were done on Monday. I managed to hang them by myself. If you want to get the details on my hardware and pegboard choices you can read this previous post.  The new pegboards were painted using the same paint used on my dresser refurb.  It took two […]