57 – Meet Kismet (new Pfaff Creative 2.0)



  • My breaking point with the Topaz 20 is reached
  • Speaking to my Pfaff dealer I find out there is a used Pfaff Creative 2.0 in my price range
  • I research the features and find it’s got extras my Topaz doesn’t have
  • Debating what to do and how to convince DH this is the right move to make
  • Bringing Kismet home
  • Topaz drama continues


  1. You will really love having the project classes. Janome offers similar class projects that reinforce machine skills through completing an actual project. That “real-life-experience” seems to increase learning so, if you learn as I do, you will be thrilled.

  2. shelly grappe says:

    Kismet is a handsome fellow. Wishing you many, many hours of creative pleasure!

  3. Katie,
    You will love the Pfaff IDT. Excellent choice. I just purchased a used Creative Vision 5.5. The applique foot with the little silver bar is the Sewing Star Applique foot. You should eventually purchase this one. I love to use it when I am doing something where I have a definite line I am following. I.E. putting a decorative stitch on a placement where you have traced the line. Worth it’s weight. Ask Kimberly she loves hers.

  4. Listened to you on the way to work today; it was a long drive that was made a little easier hearing about all your stuff…

    Enjoyed seeing you on Google+ the other night. I sent Pam a note hoping that I was not too much of a geek; I tend to get chatty when in new situations.

    All the best.

  5. Katie,

    I have a chance to buy a used Creative 2.0, anything I should know? Can I ask what you paid? I’m a long time Pfaff lover and would like to add embroidery to my quilts and actually quilt my quilts with embroidery.

  6. I am sorry you had such trouble with your topaz. I have had a topaz 30 for a year and a half now. I love it. My dealer is very reputable and the service has been great.

  7. Pauline Granstrom says:

    We have a fantastic dealer in Tucson, Az. We love each and everyone of the staff members. They are sincere, honest, extremely knowledgeable and just totally wonderful people. We love you Cathey’s Sew and vac.

  8. Janome makes these machines for Pfaff. As everyone should know by now, the Pfaff name is owned by SVP Worldwide but they don’t own their unit or the manufacturing. They subcontract it out to Janome who then just slap the name on the unit and call it a Pfaff.

    SVP Worldwide in LaVergne, Tn is in a state of turmoil. I would avoid buying anything from Pfaff since they are having money issues and experiencing high turnover. Kohlberg needs to replace the whole senior staff and CEO or you’ll experience the same poor service.