58 – A Christmas Mom Interview


Berry Mallow Yam Bake

Here are the links and photos about some of the things we talk about in the interview.

Barb Smith this is the song you were looking for: Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key – Little Blue Egg – Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer. This is my favorite rendition of the song out of all of the ones that I’ve heard.

Berry Mallow Yam Bake Recipe – We use mini marshmallows instead of large ones like the recipe calls for. I think they work better!

Wewahitchka, Florida – Wikipedia

The Overstreet Post Office that my mom talks about visiting as a child


  1. I just remembered as I was listening to the podcast that there IS a family heirloom that my brother Robert has in his possession. It is a rocker that had a woven cane seat. It is small (my grandmother was 4’7″ in her 80’s) and my grandmother rocked my daddy in the rocker when he was a baby (he was born in 1919). The rocker was several years old when my father was born so the actual age of the rocker we do not know but we do know it’s older than Katie’s grandfather.

  2. More about Wewahitchka, Florida (most of the locals call it Wewa (we-wa) and what “Wewahitchka” means: http://www.cityofwewahitchka.com/

  3. Wow! I know where that PO is located! As do all other Natives of North Florida!!! Even those of us who have been ‘transplanted’ out of state. Thanks for posting this!!!! We [Aucilla] used to play Wewa in football in the ’70’s …..years ago….

  4. When I first saw the recipe, I thought you were posting that for Judy Laquidara’s challenge of using sweet potatoes this week!

  5. Hey Katie,
    I had to tell you that I think we would make great girlfriends…not so into shopping or gossip (or cleaning) myself! I do the exact same thing with cleaning, when I get really PO’d, I go and clean like crazy. I think there are two reasons…1. It is a great way to use up some energy and doesn’t involve hitting anyone! 2. I am in control. Often when I am mad about something, it is because I’m not in control of that, but I can clean like crazy and get that room looking just the way I want it!

    I hope there isn’t much cleaning in your near future 😉

  6. Once again – great interview with your Mom. And what, may I ask, is wrong with re-loading the dishwasher? Those who complain should learn how to load it properly, right?

  7. Barb Smith says:

    Thanks for posting the name of the album for me and even providing a link to itunes! Sorry I haven’t commented sooner, we were on a two week cruise to Hawaii and just got home last night. (Wonderful time). I’ve downloaded the podcast but haven’t gotten to listen to it. Hopefully that will be this evenings relaxation. The sweet potato recipes sounds wonderful.

  8. Enjoyed your interview and stories. I wish someone [anyone!] in my house would clean when they get mad.

    All the best,