Closing Out 2012

I’ve been working on little things here and there around the sewing room so I haven’t had a whole lot to post. I did start a new project a few days ago and I thought I’d share some photos of that as I think my pieces are pretty spectacular. Tonight I should finish up my last quilt of 2012 as I stitch on the last bit of binding too. It’s been a weekend full of accomplishment. Here is a mismash of photos showing what I’ve been up to!

One of the last sunsets of 2012

One of the last sunsets of 2012

New applique project - melted crayon

This is the new applique project that I’ve started. This is an Iris with lots of winged creatures surrounding it.


First you start with lots of tracing onto your fusible web. I use a lightbox to help with tracing.

Applique pieces being fused to fabric

After all the pieces are rough cut from the fusible web you fuse them onto your fabric

Some of the pieces colored

Here are some of my pieces after they’ve been colored!

Rainbow Butterfly Applique

My first rainbow butterfly. I loved how this came out.

Hummingbird applique

Such a lovely little hummingbird!

All the winged creatures are finished! Applique using melted crayon technique.

I finished all the winged creatures!

The only parts I have left to do are the Iris petals. I’m waiting on a shipment of Crayola Metallic FX crayons to come in so I can finish them up since they apparently take metallic crayons and I didn’t have a set. I ordered six sets to be safe since I don’t know if Crayola is going to discontinue them or not. Plus I’m sure I’ll use them in a future project!


Two of the Sharpie pens that I used. The retractable one is a fine tip and the fabric one goes on nice and thick for the wide black areas like the butterfly bodies.


Lastly, a little Bernie update. We got a recent urinalysis back on her and her pH is really base. It should be 7-7.5 and hers tested at 8.5 which is problematic since she can begin to develop crystals and that can lead to bladder stones again. A few years ago we almost lost her to a bladder stone so we do everything we can to prevent future stones from forming. She’s on raw food but sometimes even that doesn’t seem to fully control it so right now she’s on a medicine that is supposed to help acidify her urine again. We will see if it has helped in a month or so. She LOVES getting extra peanut butter each day when she gets her evening dose of meds.

I’m getting a new grill delivered tomorrow and I hope to record an episode of the podcast tomorrow as well. I haven’t felt up to doing much today so I never got around to recording. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be in better spirits.

New grill!

2012 was an exhausting year for me. I have goals and plans for 2013 but I’m still thinking on it a bit before I post them. I think I’ll talk about them on the next podcast episode. I’m spending New Year’s Eve at home with the corgis protecting them from evil fireworks. Hubby is working so I’m on my own chatting with quilty friends on Twitter and Facebook. Thanks everyone for a great year and I look forward to doing all sorts of fun things in 2013!


  1. Your quilt turned out gorgeous! I love it 🙂
    Hopefully the new grill will put you in a better mood! 🙂
    Hope Bernie will get better soon, She looks a little sad on that picture! I’ve yet to listen to your last podcast which I just downloaded today 🙁
    Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year

  3. Lauretta6 says:

    I am home and working on Easy Street. Am going to bed early.
    Happy New Years

  4. Your applique is beautiful.

  5. Your applique picture is gorgeous. Where did you find the instructions for the melted crayon technique? I would be interested in learning how to do it. Patty

  6. Love your appliquéd project. I have also done some colored butterfly blocks, but haven’t found a sashing fabric I like. If I ever finish the quilt, I will send you a photo. Happy New Year!

  7. That is beautiful. Is it difficult to master the shading?

  8. Poor Bernie, I hope she’s ok. I always thought Bernie was a boy. I assume Bernie is short for Bernice? Do you do the raw food diet with all your dogs? I have talked to people that rave about it and have thought about doing it but would definatelY need to get a stand alone freezer. My collie Abbey has a lot of health issues – seizures, bad back, hot spots on the winter and raw food people tell me a lot of her problems would be helped by raw food.

  9. Love your Iris project! That’s really beautiful.

  10. Hi Katie, by the time you read this it will be 2013, I sincerely hope this will be a wonderful and fufilling year for you and Ringo and that your lovely wee dogs don’t cause you too many anxieties. Your applique is exquisite, you have a very good eye for colour harmonies , this project must be giving you a lot of pleasure. I can imagine a Corgi done with the shaded crayons, worth a thought for later in the year perhaps? I do also like your lap quilt, you are amazing the way you manage to combine quilting with a busy work schedule plus run your home.
    PS: I bought myself a steam floor mop, not a brand you would be familiar with in America (Smart Living.. ) and oh my gosh it’s just the bees knees when it comes to cleaning my tile floors. We don’t have pets , just two pair of adult feet and they are usually in socks or slippers but the floor still gets grubby so I steam it every two days. Love the clean feel of it, no more sticky residue from using a detergent and the old sponge mop. I can see why you told us about yours, it’s a wonderful appliance.