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56 – Mystery quilts, Dealer problems, Etsy and geekyness

Melt and Blend

My class sample for the crayon melting technique I’ll be teaching

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  1. Perfect timing! I’m going bonkers with this embroidery project. I want to SEW. not babysit a machine. Can’t listen to TV because the machine is too loud. Can’t leave the machine as the second I turn my back, the darn thing will probably choose to strangle itself (happened several times already). So a podcast I can listen to with headphones will be perfect! Woo Hoo! Six more blocks to go! Your podcast will get me through two or three of them!

  2. Your dad gets the notification of a new podcast before me. LOL! Mine comes a day later. Boo -lol!

  3. As I said on the Hangout, thanks for keeping me company while I was attaching binding this AM. You have such a smooth delivery.

  4. Hi Katie,
    In a future podcast, could you please talk about how one goes about getting started with Etsy?

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