Free Kindle Book! Wool by Hugh Howey

One of my favorite reads of all time!

The first book in my favorite new series is free on Amazon today!  If you need something different to read and you like sci-fi-ish novels I highly recommend this book and the subsequent books in the series.

Wool – Kindle Edition

I talked about this several podcast episodes ago and subsequently got several of you reading and addicted to this series (I will not  apologize for that – I’m looking at you Jennifer K.!). I’m not satisfied until the rest of you at least give it a try!

Even if you don’t have a Kindle you can read it on your PC.

If you like this series I encourage you to support the Author by purchasing the rest of the books: Wool Omnibus (Books 1-5), First Shift – Legacy (Book 6) and Second Shift – Order (Book 7 just released).

The series was recently picked up by Simon and Schuster for a print-only edition which is very exciting! The author originally self-published all of these books. The past several months have been very exciting what with Ridley Scott picking up the movie rights and now the news that they will be widely available in print too!


  1. Glenna in TX says:

    Yes, I too became a convert…Love Sci-Fi/Fantasy.

    Got Wool (the omnibus free from Amazon for my Kindle) then bought the other two – very inexpensively. Book “6” and “7” should actually be “1” and “2” and we are waiting for “3” – oops, sorry “8”. See what I mean. A little confusing. Glad to hear they have been such a success – and we got to read them first.

    • Welcome comrade!

      I listed them in print order since I thought it would be confusing for new readers otherwise. Hugh said he’s going to package books 6,7 and 8 into a trilogy in late January and if folks want to save a few bucks they can wait on it too.

  2. barb smith says:

    After your podcast about the the first book, we put it on the Kindle I enjoyed it my daughter enjoyed it my son in law enjoyed it too. Then we put on 6 and then we downloaded 7 this morning great great great series thanks for finding it for us, Katie

  3. Hi Katie

    I have read the Omnibus version and First Shift on your recommendation, and really enjoyed them. I have to finish some library books, then I’ll download Second Shift.

    Have you read any of his other books? I see he has written quite a few.

    • I did read Half Way Home. That’s the only other book of his that I’ve read so far. It was an interesting concept. I didn’t enjoy it quite as much as the Wool series but it was still enjoyable.

  4. Ann McGorty says:

    Thanks for the tip, Katie. I’ve downloaded and looking forward to reading over the holidays.

  5. Hi Katie, I haven’t left a comment for ages but am still avidly reading and listening to you, definitely my favourite blogger and podcaster. I have got a hold on Wool at my Library which I shall have to wait a wee while before it is my turn, but all good things come to those who wait so the saying goes.
    By the way, well done on your purchase of your Pfaff, I have the Expression 2.0, we still have our little spats from time to time but I have to keep telling myself that he (gotta be a he if only for his stubborness in not behaving himself)is probably having as much difficulty learning about me and my way of sewing as I have with him.Please keep on telling us about your discoveries as you try different things with your new machine, especially when you use different threads. My machine also rattles in the bobbin so I was hugely relieved to hear you say you had noticed that happening with yours. I haven’t yet tried reducing the amount I wind on the bobbin to see if that is what makes the noise, you said that you noticed it reduced the more thread you used as you sewed. At the moment my sewing room is all packed away as this week we are having new carpet laid. When I put it all back I will have a serious look at a better system of organizing all my supplies, not only would it make life easier but I wouldn’t have to be embarrassed if anyone wants to take a peek inside.