Keeping Kismet Busy and Sundry Other Things

UntitledLast night a friend came over to sew with me and I pulled out an old Christmas panel that’s been sitting in my fabric closet for a while. It is a Michael Miller fairy panel and I also had the smaller panel set to go with it but it didn’t feel right all put together. I ended up sticking a border on it and once my acrylic insert comes in I’ll quilt it and then hang it up. I think I’m going to quilt it with lots of gold thread to really bring that out in the panel.

I have a plaid green Christmas fabric print that I’m going to cut up and use for the binding. I think it’ll look good with a dark green binding.

I also finished piecing some pinwheels together from the Moda origins charm packs that I’ve been working on so now I’ve just got to trim all of them! 80 something blocks to square up. Not my favorite task.


The corgis enjoy hanging out in my sewing room with me most of the time. If I’m not moving around a lot they’ll fall asleep in there but the minute I start walking back and forth to the ironing board or moving tables around they go back out into the hall where Bernie is asleep.

Color Run Nails

Color Run Nails!

I got my nails painted for the Color Run happening in St. Petersburg this Saturday! I still need to put an outfit together of sorts. I wonder what kind of weather we’re going to have.

I tried embroidery on Kismet tonight for the first time! That was fun. Some of it is intuitive now that I’ve done a lot of machine embroidery but finding where the settings are on a new brand of machine takes some extra time. I tried a new design out making keyfobs! I think these might be my quick Christmas gifts for friends and co-workers. They didn’t take that long to do and it’s a great way to use up scraps.



This design is the In-The-Hoop Keyfob from Digistitches Designs. It’s really fast – no turning inside out necessary. The edges are pinked. ¬†They have a file available with finished edges but I don’t have one of those fast turn tools so I decided to try this one first. It stitches really nicely!

Kismet seems to embroider better than the other machine. Less thread breakage over all. The times I did have the thread break was when the design was stitching too fast while doing the name so once I slowed it down it was fine.

Hardware was relatively easy to attach just needed a firm surface to hammer on. I got my hardware from Etsy – 1.25″ Keyfob Hardware from MamasheCrazy. I may purchase a tool from Harbor Freight to close the hardware easier because right now I’m just using a small hammer.

Still haven’t cut fabric or sewn anything for Clue 3 on Easy Street! Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow night.


  1. Barb Smirh says:

    I’m really happy for you getting your new machine. I hope you have years of fun with it. I don’t have an embroidery machine but its on my “someday” list. I have a Sapphire with tension issues. I’m going to take it to the Pffaf dealer after Christmas as I’m getting no satisfaction where ive been taking it. I bought it from a quilt shop but then she went out of business. I took it to the dealer in Joannes who sends it off to the same repair person the quilt store used. I am going to go sew on it with the Johann’s manager first but I’m not holding out hope. I think it is something in the machine itself.

  2. Barb Smirh says:

    That’s the viking manager in the Joannes store.

  3. I really like the daisy keyfob.

  4. Those key fobs make a great gift. I’m thinking of making lanyards for the room cleaners at work but not as quick on my machine as kismet.


  1. […] around the house before my parents arrive on Friday. I debated what to make them and settled on the keyfobs done in-the-hoop. I kept it simple and merged the design so I could do four keyfobs in one hooping! […]