Mail Call! Owl Sewing Kit and Corgi Earrings

On Friday I got two adorable gifts in the mail and I just have to share them. The first is from Marisa of Simply One By One Etsy Shop. She’s been selling these adorable owl sewing kits and I commented on Twitter how much I loved them! This little guy showed up in the mail. Isn’t he great??  He holds needles, scissors and thread.  If you have a friend with an owl obsession that sews these are just the perfect gift.

Owl Sewing Kit Holder

Owl Sewing Kit – Simply One by One on Etsy

You can see the kit in action:

Portable Owl Sewing Kit! Hoot Hoot!

I have a weird obsession with owls and I’m not afraid to admit it. I think he will be going on my cruise with me in February since I’ll be taking some sort of hand sewing project with me.

The other great thing that arrived was a set of corgi earrings! @jainyrose spotted these in a comic book store and tweeted a photo to me. I couldn’t find them on the companies’ website to order so she offered to send them to me. I sent her some fun Florida fabric and a surprise in return. Aren’t these great? I’ll be wearing them everywhere! They are made out of burned wood.


Sometimes my quilting friends spoil me! Thank you gals so much.


  1. I just purchased a similar owl pattern. I am also fond of owls! Your fun run looked like a blast!

  2. Gorgeous gift and earrings, that site also has owls so take a look, there are some lovely items on there and I like that they are made from recycled natural products.Have I missed the blog post or podcast where you tell us you have booked a cruise? I know you love that form of travel. Will you be posting while afloat or is that time off?

  3. says:

    I love that owl, what a clever idea!