Meet Kismet – My new Pfaff Creative 2.0!

After I posted the podcast and blog earlier this week regarding my issues with my Viking Topaz 20 I decided to review my options. I’m a woman of action and if I have a problem I want it quickly and decisively solved.


Kismet is fitting in nicely!

Thanks to Scrap and Sew I’m now a new owner of a previously loved Pfaff Creative 2.0!

I’ve wanted a Pfaff since before I started shopping for a computerized sewing machine but I never thought it would be within reach. This one was in my budget and I have no issue buying a used machine. I’m going to have the Topaz worked on until the tension issue is resolved before I sell it.

This machine does a everything the Topaz did but it has a few features that are better:

  • IDT Foot – this is like having a built in walking foot! It makes piecing, quilting and binding really easy and simple.
  • Thread cutter – it automatically cuts my top and bobbin thread at the push of a button. It also will cut jump stitches while doing embroidery – I’m really excited to try this feature out.
  • Mono Embroidery Setting – if I want to stitch out a design using all one color instead of dealing with thread changes I just have to push a button!
  • Tapering – it will taper down any of the decorative stitches at the touch of a button for a really nice finish.

I did have to order a new acrylic insert for my cabinet so I can get it flush with the table again. Until then, it’s not a big deal – I can piece on it without a problem.

I did a few flying geese on it last night! Love the tension and how smooth it is.


Ringo calls it the “puh-faff” machine. He’s glad to see me happy again with a working machine.

Can’t wait to try out embroidery this weekend! I found a few designs I think will be perfect for quick friend and co-worker gifts – Quilted Keyfobs – in the hoop!

Thanks for all your comments and support regarding the Topaz drama. It’s not over yet but I’ve received some great advice from everyone and I appreciate it! Maybe it’ll be over soon.


  1. Diane Rincon says:

    Yup, I bet R is glad you have that machine. We must have our machines. My husband calls mine my maquinas.

  2. The auto scissors is a fantastic feature. I really love it for paper piecing. And the IDT foot is genius. Makes life so wonderful. I am so glad you are back in the life of living with a cooperative machine. Congrats! And please give your Ringo guy a huge hug from us. He makes the non-sewing partners in our lives look great and supportive. I guess he has learned that a working machine makes for a happy quilting wife which makes his life more harmonious. (something like that, anyway).

  3. Oh goodie I get to hear about your new Pfaff. I so wish my Pfaff had the thread cutter, when I see others using this feature it looks so neat. I wonder how much thread you can save not having to drag the material out and cut. Enjoy using the new machine, how fun.

  4. So happy for you! You deserve it! I hope it is the machine of your dreams!
    I can totally relate to your dilemma with shops. I have purchased MANY machines from my local sewing store, and have had way different experiences once I am out the door as opposed to when they were trying to sell me a machine. It really depends on who is working that day! Fortunately, I LOVE the sewing repair guy-he knows Berninas inside and out and is fast and efficient!!
    I am surprised that Pfaff or any other machine company doesn’t make podcasters a deal of a lifetime just for reviewing the machines–I think you have alot of influence with your listeners—at least with me!
    I love, love, love your podcasts! I always get so excited when a new one is up!!
    Happy Holidays!!!

  5. We’ll see if you get this comment. 😉

    My SIL loves her Pfaff and I hope you are happy with yours as well. the tapering feature sounds great!

  6. Katie, I am glad you have resolved your dilemma with the Viking. I have a Viking machine – one of the lower end quilting models as I have a stand alone embroidery machine – that I bought to replace a much older model Viking. I have never had trouble with my machines or with my dealer. I could not even imagine getting a machine from one of the “box store outlet” places. My dealer also repairs many other brands of machines and is one of those old-fasioned people who makes sure one is completely satisfied with the work and/or the machines. I live in a rural area, drive 20 miles to this dealer (in a relatively small town, but then all of the towns here are small to tiny) and am so greatful that he is there. I would have to drive over 90 miles to “the big city” to get to another dealer.
    I wish you much happiness with your new “baby”.

  7. So happy for you getting the Pfaff.
    I had to laugh though…the machine already has a name! You have named every doll (which were a lot), every stuffed animal (so many they took over the bed and bedroom), every dog and every sewing machine that you own/owned.

  8. She is lovely, congratulations! I have a thread cutter and now couldn’t live without it (its the little things that make us happy)

  9. She’s gorgeous Katie! I’m so excited for you :) Scarlett has an auto thread cutter too and I LOVE it!!!! I was piecing on Bernie the other day while Scarlett was embroidering and kept poking her for the cutter button, lol. I’m sure she was rolling her little machine eyes like, get over it girl and pick up the damn scissors yourself :) So happy for you! And just in time for holidays….yeah…happy dance!!!!

  10. PS – you might need to salvage the little corgi sticker though for your new machine…just sayin’ :)

  11. Congrats on your new machine! Pfaff is on my list for when I need a new machine. I love the idea of the built in walking foot.

  12. Katie,

    I am super excited for you. Can’t wait to see what you do with your Pfaff! I just finished listening to your latest podcast and I was so frustrated for you in regards to your Viking so I was very happy to see your Kismet post today. Congrats!

    I was also glad to hear you are learning to use your serger!

  13. Kismet has a remote? (Look carefully at the picture if you are confused!)

  14. Karyn Cowdrey says:

    I got my Creative 2.0 brand new the week before Christmas as my Christmas gift to myself… So far I ADORE “Ms.P!” She’s brilliantly smooth and does lovely embroidery work. Best is how much space there is to get a quilt in to free motion stitch :)

  15. Deborah Reimer says:

    Hello there, I just bought my Pfaff Creative 2.0 from a gal yesterday, I lost my Bernina Artista 180 in the June flood, so any help or suggestions with this new baby would be great, also I guess I have to get a different computer as the software won’t work with my Mac?????