Snowflakes for Sandy Hook School

Embroidery Library notified the machine embroidery community of a way to show support for the students of Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut.  The PTA will be creating a winter wonderland in the school to welcome students back after winter break. Embroidery Library made one of their free standing lace snowflake ornament designs free for a limited time so lots of different people can pitch in and make a few.  You can also get the address of where to send snowflakes from that link.

I saw that a few people were using cotton serger thread so I thought I’d try both that and poly embroidery thread.

Pfaff Creative 2.0 stitching out free standing lace

Kismet stitches out the cotton serger thread into a snowflake design. The serger thread isn’t terribly strong so it broke 2-3 times during the stitchout. I think it made a more “authentic” looking lace ornament though.

Freestanding Lace Snowflake - Cotton serger thread

Here it is in the stabilizer before I soaked it off.

Lace ornament after water soluable stabilizer soaked off - Cotton serger thread

Here it is after the soak! It just needs to fully dry and it’ll be ready to mail off.

The snowflake done with poly embroidery thread stitched out smoother but it looks different. It’s shiner and doesn’t look as soft.

Freestanding Lace Snowflake - poly embroidery thread

Lace ornament after water soluable stabilizer soaked off - Poly embroidery thread

I have some other cotton thread I might try but I don’t know how it will do with a high speed embroidery stitchout. I may end up trying some Aurifil 50 wt because I know that would probably be gorgeous. Either way – these are fun to make! They take 30-40 minutes to stitch on the embroidery machine but you don’t have to worry about thread changes or anything so it’s not a whole lot of work. I cut fabric on the accuquilt Go! while it stitched out.

My Arrow acrylic table insert came yesterday! Kismet looks good and snug in the cabinet. I didn’t even have to adjust the height.


I did one half of a new ornament before I went to bed:

Some new colors for the quilted ornaments

And Byron impersonates Hugh Hefner:

Byron impersonates Hugh Hefner


  1. SMALLER sized snowflakes would look great on a decorated Christmas tree.

  2. Your dad just told me he hopes the school gets so many snowflakes that it makes that place feel “soft and safe”.

  3. I never realized you were making the snowflakes for the Newtown kids. It’s such a great effort! I wonder how the Aurifil thread will work out for the embroidery. Ask Byron where are the naked girls??? :))

  4. Definitely will be embroidering some snowflakes here! Tell Byron, Annie says come ‘on over 🙂

  5. Thanks for the post about the ornaments. I went to Joann’s for the Styrofoam balls on Saturday. This will make great gifts for my quilt girlfriends next year. Merry Christmas!

  6. lol byron looks just like hugh hefner but where is the young blonde