Viking Dealer Update & Google Hangout #2 Video!

Yesterday after the podcast I thought I’d get the bright idea to do some embroidery while I was sewing my easy street blocks. I pulled out a towel to do a damask design on.

Tension problems again.

My thread was in the tension discs, it was in the uptake lever, I turned it all the way up to 7.0 and it still didn’t have any top thread tension.

Took the unit off to see if it would even sew normally and nope, no tension there either. So I was fed up. I called my dealer to complain about the service last week and luckily the manager was working yesterday. She told me to bring my machine in so we could sew on it together.

I brought it in and showed her what it was doing. It replicated the issue in the store so she could see the problem. She tried fiddling with the bobbin case tension and eventually just replaced the bobbin case which fixed the sewing issue while I was there. We tried machine embroidery and it worked off and on. The bad tension problem did replicate itself one time while we stitched out a design but rethreading fixed it.

I told her I’d try it over the next week and see how it did. If it continued to fail I’d bring it back on Saturday with the embroidery attachment for fixing. I got home last night to try and salvage the towel. The embroidery on the towel totally failed so I had to toss the towel into the rag bin. I’m going to try regular embroidery tonight and see if I can’t get that to have proper tension.

Needless to say, after all that running around I didn’t have time to cut any fabric for Easy Street so I just worked on Orca Bay some more and an old UFO that I pulled out, my Moda Origins pinwheel blocks.

Here’s the Google Hangout recording  from last night! The first hour I’m sewing by myself and answering folks questions on Twitter and Facebook. Then some other people start joining in for two more hours of fun. 🙂


  1. How fustrating! Heard all about it yesterday on your podcast. So sorry you have to deal with this.

  2. Lauretta6 says:

    I hate machine troubles.
    I too am working on my Easy street. Took all weekend to finally finish the flying geese. Still working on step on four patches. Am about half done.

  3. Oh Katie, I feel you pain! I am sorry that you are in such a frustrating position.

  4. I have an older Viking about 8 years old. Can you believe I have suffered through all those years with almost the same problem? I recently was working on a quilt for a graduation present (June 2012) and obviously I have not finished. There are days when it is somewhat passable but many days I scream and rage and threaten to throw the sewing machine into the swimming pool. Not only is the paper pieced quilt time consuming but the sewing machine issues have consumed 3 times as much time, threading, rethreading, TRYING to fix the problem with one adjustment after another. The quilt is so exciting and people have told me to enter it in the county fair. However, anyone who would judge it would quickly disqualify it because of the horrendous stitching issues. I fear it will fall apart but am hoping that all the quilting stitching will hold it together. I HATE that sewing machine and can’t afford another.

    • I cannot imagine trying to deal with this for 8 years, I’d have quit quilting by then. That is awful Judy! I am going to speak to a local Pfaff dealer and see what used machines I should be looking for and what price range so I can start saving up. I’m tired of dealing with this but like you, I can’t afford to get a new machine right now.

  5. Leta Baumann says:

    You need to have them replace your machine. And if that isn’t helpful call BBB


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