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Folding Clutch Handbag class and Sparkles

I took a sewing class on Friday night and actually finished my project! I'm really bag challenged so I was surprised I managed to complete this project with minimal difficulty. I had a few … [Read more...]

Tour the rearranged quilting corner!

I spent most of last night and today rearranging my little quilting corner (a 10 x 11 room). It's small so I make do with what I have. I know it's larger than what some people get! This … [Read more...]

60 – Viking Sucks plus quilts, projects and more

I'm gonna unload about Husqvarna Viking in this episode so be prepared. New Projects (and a few finishes): Cruise Tote Baby Bibs Iris Quilt almost finished Nostalgia honeybun … [Read more...]

Why I will never again purchase or recommend Husqvarna Viking sewing machines

Update: My machine was returned on February 2nd, 2013. See my "Final Thoughts on Husqvarna Viking" post for more info. I hope this is the end of the repair saga. It seems the part is still … [Read more...]

January Giveaway – Swatch Buddies and Winter Pillow Case Kit!

The Quilt Bear sponsored giveaway for January includes a really useful item and a fun pillow project! This month's package includes a 24 count package of Swatch Buddies (value $12.95) and a … [Read more...]

“Nostalgia” is coming along

I finished sewing the tubes last night and cut them into blocks! There were a lot of them, even with a few blocks I had to discard due to miscuts. I scattered them across my pressing … [Read more...]

Strip piecing galore! Plus Cruise Tote and new toys…

I've had two honeybuns from April Cornell's "Nostalgia" collection sitting on my shelf gathering dust. I originally planned to make a log cabin with them but decided last week to break them … [Read more...]

A quilter preps for a cruise

My cruise is coming up fast! I'm thinking of all the things I want to make, prep to take or do before the cruise and my mind can't stop spinning with ideas! I have to make a list.  (I love … [Read more...]

Free Pattern Friday: Summer in the Park with Honeybuns!

I've got a few honeybuns that I wanted to do something with and I think I've found their calling. This is a great little strippy quilt and involves only sewing straight lines! They have a … [Read more...]

Adventures in Babysitting & Fabric Organization

Over the past several days I've been working on a label. I won't list the numerous things that went wrong with it while trying to get it done. I'm just glad it is finished finally and looks … [Read more...]