2013 Quilty Goals List

2013 is my year of freedom. Free to do what I want. Free to work on what I want. I’m resolving to first and foremost not commit myself to anything I don’t want to do.

My 2012 list didn’t see much progress. I think that’s mostly because I got bogged down with other things and didn’t find much time to really sew. This year is going to be different but I’m also not going to focus on a list that hard.

  1. Finish all quilts that are currently in the process of being quilted. Right now these quilts are the Butterfly Quilt, A corgi wallhanging, and a Riley Blake panel..
  2. Put a border on Orca Bay and send it off for longarming. I want this quilt done pronto so I can enjoy it at home.
  3. Destash and clean out the fabric closet INCLUDING PROJECTS. I have some fabric that’s ended up in my closet that I know I’ll never use. I also have some half-started projects that I don’t know if I want to continue working on them and I need to decide. Lots of vintage sheets (used for backing) need to be properly folded and put somewhere so I have room for real fabric.
  4. Take a kit inventory. I have so many kits now I need to get them all out and see how many can be quickly finished or if I even want to work on them at this point.
  5. Design and sell a corgi quilt pattern. I’ve had a few requests for corgi patterns and just haven’t sat down to really work on one even though I have some great design ideas. I hope to work on and release my first pattern next year.
  6. Finish and release quilted shawl tutorial. This is a big one I’d love to do before the winter is over. I know it would be fun to finish I just need to sit down and put the work into it.
  7.  Find a new sewing chair. I’ve been on the search for a comfortable sewing chair and haven’t been able to find one yet. Hopefully I can do that in the coming year! I need one badly.
  8. Schedule at least two interviews for the podcast. I love interviewing and I hope to perhaps do two or three new interviews in the coming year once I pin down some artists.
  9. Come up with a few new concepts for classes I can teach.  I’m looking forward to teaching a challenging class in February but I’d like to do some other techniques too. I’ve been mulling over a Mondo bag class.
  10. Have fun! This is my top priority for 2013. I want to really have fun quilting. I need to make a little sign for my sewing studio about keeping things FUN and to not get frustrated. 


  1. Colleen Lane says:

    What great goals. I love your podcasts and have even peeked in when you webcast. Please do for yourself and your honey and the puppies….Blessings for the new year

  2. All good and most importantly obtainable. Especially the fun part!

  3. Hooray Katie, at last you have been kind to yourself, don’t stress over things that don’t get done….no one is holding a stopwatch over your head…so the most important goal you have set yourself on that modest list is to have fun and you can do that. I love to hear you laugh on your podcasts no matter what it is you are talking about.
    A question for you, are all your vintage sheets pure cotton and what weight are they? We get some lovely old, soft sheets come in to the charity shop where I work but mostly they are cotton blends and the occasional cotton sheet is usually high thread count which can be quite ‘thick’ to the touch. I know some quilters use polycotton sheets which makes the purists suck their breath and tut tut. I guess too that it is important the sheet is still in good order as you wouldn’t want it to tear after a couple of washes.

  4. Go you can.Have fun and take all your goals easy.

  5. Inspiring goals Katie, especially the last one! Good luck and Happy New Year – I look forward to your podcasts and blog notes! P.S. Love the podcasts you do with your mom. You two make a great team!

  6. My only goal is to leave out the left-over yarn bags [as opposed to sticking them back in the closet] so that I get some more crochet projects done.

    I recommend the red Bernina chair for sewing. it is pricy, but really works to fit you and your legs. My back is much happier since I started using it.

    All the best, Torie

  7. Hey Katie, once again I’m playing catching-up, can you tell? 🙂 I love your goals and wishing you to achieve every single one of them in 2013! Looking forward to hear the interviews on your podcast, they’re always fun! Hope you’ll have a fun year!