59 – 2013 Goals, Kismet update, Minkee, Monthly projects and product reviews

Lucky stars BOM practice block

My Lucky stars BOM practice block


  1. Talk to the owner at the LQS that sold you the Pfaff. Pfaff is owned by SVP, which also owns Viking. It is possible her local rep could get in touch with someone. Especially since she is a supreme Pfaff dealer. The company would listen to her because of her reputation. Just a thought! (Sorry for the post. Email is down) Lisa Love your quilt it is amazing!

  2. Amy Laura says:

    Hey Katie!
    For the monthly houses, is this an applique project, or just a panel that you embellish? I couldn’t tell from the seller’s website.


  3. I enjoyed hearing about the cruise. I doubt we’ll ever go, since the buffet meals are too much for me, but it sounds great.

    All the best.