Adventures in Babysitting & Fabric Organization

UntitledOver the past several days I’ve been working on a label. I won’t list the numerous things that went wrong with it while trying to get it done. I’m just glad it is finished finally and looks good! Last night I was stitching out the third attempt of it and while I was babysitting the embroidery machine I decided to clean up the fabric closet a bit.

Don’t make the mistake of leaving the embroidery machine unattended. Bad things happen. Like a really loud knocking sound as you’re in another room and you find your machine still stitching in place with no thread making a horrible sound. I spent about an hour picking thread out of the machine.

Babysitting is necessary. It knows when you’re not there.

The label was done with two hoopings to fit the lettering properly. I had an interesting time centering everything but developed a quick system I’ll probably share in a future tutorial for you machine embroidery folks out there.

This pile of fabric:

Turned into this:

(I use the mini-bolt method with comic book boards).

And I had to make room for it in the fabric closet so I cleaned it up and moved some of the things I don’t often need to the spare room closet.

On the left are my bins. The drawers hold most of my UFOs, swap blocks and other little projects I have going on. The drawers come out and open up with a lid. I like that they are portable and keep the project together in one bin. Flannel scraps are in the very bottom bin, followed by cotton scraps on top of that and a bag of fat quarters and cuddle fabric.

Now my fabric closet looks like this:


I separate most of my fabric by color. The bottom shelf has novelty fabrics and some yardage set aside for a project along with a finished quilt top that needs quilting.


Beside the project bins are some fabrics that are grouped by collection, a kit hanging from the top hangar and some yardage on the bolt. I also have a little stack of batik fat quarters that I’m using for fabric bowls.  I have some pillows and batting stuffed back there too.


I found this calendar at JoAnns for 70% off over the weekend! I have a new calendar in my sewing room now. I love the pictures in it.



  1. WOW! Love your cabinet! I’m jealous!

  2. So neat! Did you wrap your fabric onto anything that is shown so nice and neat to the left in the closet? You are a inspiration. I started 2013 to get organized. I am slowing having a good work area to enjoy.

    • The fabric in the very back are rolled onto the original bolts. The ones in the front area are rolled on comic book boards like the others on the shelves. The fat quarters are still on the cardboard they came on – I just left them that way since it was convenient.