Quilting in Progress

I’m working on quilting the Iris quilt and since the final class preview for the melted crayon technique that I’m teaching is tonight I wanted to get the center part mostly done. I think I’m happy with the quilting. Not sure if I’ll add more or not yet.  I need to quilt the borders. Still undecided as to how I’m going to do those.

(Forgive the bad cell phone photos – it was 11:30PM last night when I finished and dark this morning when I left work so no light to speak of and didn’t have time to do a DSLR pic)

Marked with crosshatching lines. I spaced them 2″ apart and this is at a 45 degree angle.


After quilting on all the registration lines I did a 1/4 quilting line beside each one.



I need to give the Iris and other applique pieces a good press now that the quilt is dry (had to spray it down to remove blue water soluable marking lines).

Before I went to sleep I dug through a box of fabric scraps that I received from the Fat Quarter Shop. I purchased the 12lb Fabric Grab Bag from them to see what sorts of stuff they included since the other one I used to get from a different company is no longer available. The FQS estimates 20-25 yards of fabric is included in each Grab Bag. That’s less than $3 a yard if you’re conservative and estimate you only get 20 yards. I think I got more than that.

I’ll take individual photos later but here’s a photo of all the fabric piled up on my sewing cabinet.
FatQuarterShop 12lb Fabric Grab Bag

I received a fair amount of tans and black fabric, tons of Project Linus (Snoopy) fabric, a few civil war repos, lots of fun dot prints and a full 1/2 yard set of Riley Blake large chevrons. I’m really excited to do something with those! This is a great stash builder. It’s on sale right now so if you love scrap boxes I soooo recommend buying one.


  1. I have never bought a grab bag…but the fabrics look fun! Very tempting! Are most of the pieces FQs or are some pieces smaller?
    Good job on your wall hanging!

    • Most pieces are 1/2 yard or larger. Very few are 1/4 or smaller. No fat quarters, these are all selvage to selvage cuts.

  2. That quilting really showcases your work. I loved it. I haven’t purchased the remnants from Fat Quarter but fabric.com had their remnants back yesterday and I grabbed one. Good luck with your class!

    • I saw that they were back but they’re now double the price of what they used to be. $20 was an okay deal for three pounds of fabric (approx 9 yards) but $40 was waaay out of my price range. Beth shared the FQS deal with me and that was a much better price per yard.

      Fabric.com bundle comes out to be $4.44 per yard if you get 9 yards total.
      Fat Quarter Shop bundle comes out to be $3 per yard if you get 20 yards and $2.40 if you get 25.

  3. Wow, didn’t realize they increased that much. I will check out the FQS. Thanks

  4. I love your idea of sewing 1/2″ from the original lines on your quilting. It really makes it look extra special! Mind if I steal that idea sometime?

    As for the borders. I recently tried one of Lea Day’s designs, I think she calls it nested hearts or something like that. She has a video on it and it worked out really well for a quilt I recently finished. I used a meandering “vine” to which I attached the nested hearts. I received a lot of compliments on the border quilting. That design might work well here.

    • Steal away – the design is not an original 🙂

      My machine isn’t cooperating for FMQing so that is out until I can figure out how to get it to work without the thread breaking every 1/2 inch. The batik is so dark I think any pattern I put in it will be lost anyway. I’m not going to spend a whole bunch of time doing a fancy design in the batik.

  5. Yikes! Sorry about the FMQ issues. I didn’t realize your machine was not cooperating with that. Have you tried doing it with the feed dogs in the “UP” position? I know that goes directly against common sense but I have really great results doing it that way with my Janome. Couldn’t hurt to try it until you can get your dealer to figure out the issue causing thread breakage. I also use my embroidery tension settings for the bobbin when FMQ and that works really well for me. Each machine has it’s own personality, doesn’t it?

    • Feed dogs up made my thread break anytime I pushed the fabric away from me. Tried a few different types of thread. Tried few different needles. Tried a different quilting foot. Tried at a slower speed. Not sure what I’m doing wrong but I must be missing something major to be having this much trouble. I see my dealer tonight so I’ll ask if she has any pointers.

  6. Sue Wolford says:

    I love your quilt of the iris and hummingbirds. This may be a silly question but did you put the appliques on after you quilted the middle section. I can’t see any sewing lines over the appliques.

    • The appliques were put on before the crosshatching was quilted on. I just quilted up to each applique piece, stopped and continued past them. Threads on top were trimmed away. I need to iron the appliques back flat since they wrinkled a bit after I sprayed everything down to take away the marking lines.

  7. I ordered my book today and bought my box of crayons! I feel so inspired. Love the quilt.

  8. I absolutely LOVE your quilt! And the quilting is perfect for this!