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Tour the rearranged quilting corner!

I spent most of last night and today rearranging my little quilting corner (a 10 x 11 room). It’s small so I make do with what I have. I know it’s larger than what some people get!

This is the view from the door of my sewing room. You can see I’ve got the two sewing cabinets back to back now. I was having an issue getting the quilting leaf open when my Arrow Cabinet was up against the wall because I didn’t have much clearance on either side. Hopefully this works a bit better. I think I can leave the leaf up all the time now if I want and have more table space to support projects and things.

Stepping inside now this is the TV corner. I moved the ironing board underneath the storage bins but I can also fold it and put it away when I don’t need it. I anticipate using my small TV tray pressing board more and more.
TV corner

With my door open you can see where I hang my tote bags! I have to close the door to get to my fabric closet since that sits behind the open door.
Ironing area, door with tote bags

This is my fabric closet. I fold my fabrics onto comic book boards using the mini-bolt method. If I have more than four yards I try to save one of those cardboard bolts and put that on it. The bins hold UFOs and scraps.
Fabric closet

Yardage rolled onto mini-bolts

UFO bins and orphan blocks. Some bolted fabrics.

I decided to put my Singer Featherweight on top of the cabinet that holds my 201-2. If I want to pull out my 201-2 I can, it’s just the leaf will be in the way and I’ll have to fold down the quilting leaf on my other cabinet. For now this works just fine I think.

Singer Featherweight on top of my cabinet holding my Singer 201-2

Singer Featherweight on top of my cabinet holding my Singer 201-2

My design wall stayed where it was. Same with my bookshelf. I did add a second 4 foot table to hold my serger so I can start using it! The table also gives me more room to hold blocks, bins or whatever else I might be working on. Who doesn’t love counterspace?

Design wall, Bookshelf, serger and whiteboard

Bookshelf, serger and whiteboard

Design wall and bookshelf with precuts, patterns, magazines and books

I have enough room to walk between the two table areas and cut if I need to, pull down thread, rulers, or sit and sew. I can get to the bins underneath the tables easily too. I did enjoy the open floor area I had when the cabinet was against the wall but this makes it easier for me to quilt larger quilts since I can fold out the leaf.

Thread and ribbon organization. Cutting area behind the Arrow Bertha cabinet

Small cutting and hooping table with bins underneath for storage

And here is what I see when I sit behind at my main sewing cabinet.

View from my Arrow Bertha Cabinet

I still love my thread and ruler storage area! The pegboard was a good investment.

Thread and Ruler organization

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