62 – Back from my Cruise! Taught first quilting class, Iris quilt finish, and much more

  • Thank you Ruth for your generosity! Also thank you Connie and Jaye for the mail this week.
  • I got published!
  • Taught my first quilting class

  • Iris quilt gets a binding finally
  • Designing for Madrona Road
  • Chain of Stars Mystery Quilt
  • Cruise was relaxing
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  1. Judith Clark says:

    Welcome back Katie. Looks like you had a great time on your cruise. Your sewing machine finally home and working. (so far) And lots of good news to boot. Happy New Year to you. 😀 Can’t wait to download the new podcast. Love listening in. All the background noise makes me a little homesick for home. (I’m originally from Brandon, FL. Now live in KY) Way quieter here. I kind of miss the bustle. lol

    Anyways, Welcome back Katie.

  2. I finally caught up on all your past podcasts just as you left for your cruise so you left me hanging all that time!! It was bad timing on my part!

    I love to listen to crafty podcasts whilst I actually sew. I use my earphones if the family are also in the room with me watching tv but otherwise just play it out loud while I sew. I prefer it to tv as some stuff on tv you actually need to watch and that is a bit hard to do whilst sewing!! I have been having a sewing jag of late and thus I got through my podcasts! I have made two banners to use at our church. The space they hang allows me to have at least 160″ long banner (4 panels, the width of a piece of fabric…) So…lots of sewing to be done.