I’m on a Boat!

Well today I leave behind Florida for a bit! I will have a full podcast to update everyone on my adventures when I return.

I need a break from prepping for my vacation (dog sitters, house sitter, packing… lists!) and it’s finally here.

If you want to keep in touch with me on board you can leave me messages here on the Carnival Forum in my special thread: http://www.carnival.com/Funville/forums/t/259707.aspx

You do have to have an account to post so it’s okay if that’s too much trouble – feel free to read my updates! I should be updating once a day with what we’ve done so it’s easier for me to blog when I get back.



  1. Have a good time Katie on your cruise.

    I love the chevron pillow case you posted. I can honestly say, I am not fond of the chevron pattern. But, I love the pillowcase you posted. I think I’m changing my mind about chevrons.

    I think it’s terrible what your dealer said to you. We know what you went through is the truth. And so do you. Shame on them. I really hope that your machine is in good working order at long last and that Viking will be a bit more forthcoming with the customer service. But, I have heard of another person who has a Viking long arm that is having problems due to design problems as well. And her dealer is out of a JoAnn Fabrics as well. I directed her here and facebook. In hopes that she won’t have the same problems that you did. And that she will see what your experiences were.

    Look forward to you Podcast. Always enjoy listening while I’m quilting.

    Thanks for all you do. And, all you share.

  2. Hi Katie – I’ve been enjoying your updates on the forum! Can’t wait to hear all about in your podcast. Glad you had no trouble with the ship! o:)