Having Fun with Vine

Vine is a relatively new app that lets you create a 6 second movie. I know that doesn’t sound very interesting or useful but it’s kind of a fun way to share small snapshots of your day! Quilters are showing how to put blocks together, embroiderers are showing thread being stitched… you get sewing room tours too. The videos play on an endless loop so you can create some neat effects (people make stop motion videos with them sometimes).

And of course, I love the corgi videos.

You tag videos the same way you would photos or posts in Twitter or Instagram – with hashtags like #quilting #corgi #sewing #thread – and you can then view all the videos tagged with those same tags. Here are a few of mine:

Are you on Vine?


  1. I am jealous of your zipper stash! 🙂
    Looks like a fun app!

  2. kate brown says:

    Love your zippers and your puppies but not crazy about a a6 sec video. Way too short for my taste .