Iris Quilt Finish

The poor Iris quilt has been waiting for a binding for several weeks now so yesterday I sat down and made the binding for it finally. I decided to just attach it all by machine since this isn’t a show quilt and I mostly made it as a larger sample showing the possibilities of the technique. It’s a lovely piece though and I look forward to finding a place to showcase it in my home.

This pattern can be found in the book Creative Quilts from Your Crayon Box

Painted Iris Quilt

Painted Iris Quilt

Painted Iris Quilt

Painted Iris Quilt

Painted Iris Quilt

Painted Iris Quilt

Quilting Detail: I did a simple crosshatching for the background to give it sort of an old world feel. It was quilted after all of the applique pieces were fused and sewn down.  I used two colors of Aurifil thread to quilt the top. The Green background area (crosshatching) was done using Aurifil 50 wt Mako #2882 and the dark batik border was quilted with a brown Aurifil 50 wt Mako #2360. The brown really blended in nicely and you can barely tell it’s there at all. I stipple quilted the border.  All of the applique pieces were stitched down using Aurifil monofiliment thread.

Aurifil Thread used to quilt Iris Quilt

Painted Iris Quilt

More quilting detail
Painted Iris Quilt


  1. It is still soooo pretty! Your class is coming up soon, so exciting!

  2. Debby, Chester NY says:

    Katie, this is lovely. Hummingbirds are very cool creatures and this is a very cool technique 🙂

    • They were my favorite winged creatures to color. It was amazing seeing the color come out while you blended it on. They look really snazzy!

  3. You did a beautiful job with this quilt. Your quilting is so even. How did you get it so straight after you had the applique on?

    • I plan on doing a tutorial on it since several people have asked. I marked the quilt top using a ruler with a 45 degree line and a water soluable marker. Then I quilted on the lines and followed that with quilting an additional line 1/4″ away from the first one. It’s not hard – just time consuming to mark properly. It looks like it was done before the applique was put on which is kind of cool. 🙂

  4. Absolutely beautiful work Katie,you are going to get lots of admiring comments when you use it to illustrate your tutorial class.Lovely to have you home again after your cruise by the way.

  5. Donna Hill says:

    It is beautiful! You did a really lovely job. It is something to treasure.

  6. Fantastic!

  7. It’s an absolutely gorgeous quilt. Congratulations on finishing it, and thanks for sharing so much about the quilting.

  8. Your quilt is beautiful. You would never guess it is painted with crayons. I can see why the created of the book wants pictures of your quilt. I see paints in your future…..

  9. Linda Cartwright says:

    This is beautiful! Love the hummers!