Mail Call!

I love getting packages in the mail  but I always forget to share them on the blog for whatever reason! Hoping to be better about it in 2013.

First up is not a mail package but I had to share it nonetheless – this is a wool candle mat given to me by Mary Jo from The Quilt Bear when we had dinner on Saturday. I love it so much! I still haven’t found the perfect place for it in my sewing room.

Owl Wool Candle Mat

I recently put in an order for an assortment of 14″ zippers so I could do more pouches, totes and pillowcovers. I found a great company that’s based in the US and had good prices for zippers in bulk. They have several assortments available to choose from for various zipper types. I ordered the 50 piece Light Weight YKK Zipper Assortment

YKK Zipper Bundle -

YKK Zipper Bundle -

They will be put to good use I’m sure.

Lastly, my bundle from Fat Quarter Shop came in! A whole bunch of us on Twitter put in a 12 lb scrap box order at the same time so it’s been fun seeing what everyone got. I love digging through the box and looking at each piece. I get sad when I make it to the bottom of the box, it’s like Christmas is over.

Fat Quarter Shop 12lb Scrap Box

This assortment was really different than the first. I got some 10″ squares of fabric along with lots of yardage. A good assortment of polkadots and Civil War repos. I’ve already rehomed the Civil War fabric since it would just collect dust in my closet (very thankful for my Twitter friends that helped me find a good home!).

I’m thinking next time I’ll order the 12 lb Fabric Panel box from Fat Quarter Shop and see what I get.


  1. You should find and share the story behind YKK zippers. I read it a couple of years ago and was fascinated by it.

  2. That candle mat is so adorable, how kind of her to gift you something like that! You go Mary Jo! 🙂 Zipper link is awesome, I checked it out already 🙂 The colors of your zippers are so pretty, when I ordered through Etsy I only got basic and bright colors, but none of these tones. I’m curious about the panel box too, please share if you ordered it! Are you leaving on Sunday? I bet you can’t wait! Have a nice trip while the snow blankets the Northeast 🙂 Hope we’ll hear from you while you’re away!

  3. Aww, the candle mat is adorable. I am getting very attracted by wool. They had some beautiful hand dyed pieces at the 2012 Quilt Show in Paducah. Just might have to pick up a few MORE of those this year. lol. And, they are your favorites, OWLS!!

    Thanks for posting all your links Katie. I may not always make note of them when I see them. But, I always know where to come back to find great links. Your blog is a constant source of inspiration and great links. (2 thumbups!)

    Have fun on your cruise. I am def. having cruise envy. But, your always so kind to share your fun. I feel like I’m on one myself.

    • So glad you find my links helpful – I try to share good deals I find since I know us quilters love saving money. 🙂 Zippers are expensive at JoAnns and never on sale!! $4 for a zipper is crazy. These ended up being something like .44 each after shipping. Huge savings. I’m an accounting nerd so things like that make me happy.