An Oscar Bag! Quiltsmart Midi Bag *almost* finished in one night.

Last night I worked on a sample for a new class I want to teach. This is the smaller version of the Mondo bag I made a while back.  The Mondo bag required 208 squares of fabric and the Midi version shown here only requires 108.

The Midi Bag from Quiltsmart

I love that the kit comes with enough interfacing to make two bags. Another neat thing about Quiltsmart kits is once you order a kit with instructions you can order the individual interfacing panels at a discount and just keep the instructions to use on future projects. So if you really like an item you can save money making multiples of that item by not having to purchase a full kit!

I used an Ombre Simply Color Junior Jelly Roll for my squares and handles. The inside lining fabrics were pulled from my stash to coordinate with the outside.

The first task was to cut up all my squares. Thankfully the Oscar pre-shows were on so I had something to watch!

The fun part for me is fusing and sewing the seams on the interfacing.

Midi Bag from QuiltSmart

I think the trickiest part for me is making sure I’m folding the correct edges together and lining up the seams so they nest when you sew. It becomes kind of unwieldy and I poked myself with pins several times while leaning over the sewing table.

Midi Bag from QuiltSmart

The outside of the bag is done!
Midi Bag from QuiltSmart

Inserting and pinning the lining to match seams takes a bit of fiddling and adjusting.

Midi Bag from QuiltSmart

By the time the Oscars was over I was nearly finished with the bag. When I get home tonight I just have to topstitch around the top edge and press the inside lining seams a bit to get it straight. Only took about six hours start to finish and that was with a few breaks. The little bag was even more fun to make than the big one! I’ll take more photos when it’s done so you can see the inside.

Now to figure out how to break this down into a class so I can teach it. 🙂


  1. Love the bag. All the things you make are nice. It’s nice to see younger people getting into this hobby. We don’t want it to die. Love your Podcast as well. I left you a comment on the podcast but I guess Apple doesn’t like the work suck either. lol.

    • Haha! I only saw a few new reviews after I recorded so I’ll catch up on thanking new reviewers on the next episode. I wonder if yours got censored out? That’s weird!

      • Not sure I went back and looked for it. Hard to believe they would care about the word suck. Anywho I think you handled the Viking situation perfectly.

  2. I love the smaller Mondo bag! The fabric choices are great!

  3. It looks fabulous! Did the kit come with all the fabrics you were using? I saw the link that it’s $15.99 and the pattern itself is $9.99, are those the right prices? My friend requested a bag for her 40th birthday and I think it would be cool!

    • The kit comes with the printed interfacing to do two bags. It doesn’t come with fabric to make the bags. Fusible fleece for the inner lining is optional. You only need about 13 strips of 2.5″ fabric to make the outside and the handles.

  4. Wow–that bag looks awesome. I cannot figure out how you are able to produce such beautiful work in such a short amount of time. And so much of it! You must have a surrogate (Bruce Willis movie :))

  5. Светлана says:

    Кэти, шикарная сумка! Как мне нравятся цветные квадратики!!


  1. […] An Oscar Bag! Quiltsmart Midi Bag *almost* finished in one night. […]