Quilted Camera Strap! My SBSI Project.

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One more thing checked off of my cruise list! I finished the quilted camera strap last night.I kind of had to improvise since everything didn’t go as planned but I think it turned out okay. I like how it looks and it felt strong to me. If I can find another camera strap for cheap I’ll see about doing a tutorial.

I used a charm pack for this. Finally broke into my Terrain by Kate Spain charm pack and I think it’s a beautiful use of it.

Quilted camera strap

Quilted camera strap

Quilted camera strap

Quilted camera strap

Quilted camera strap

My camera strap measured 1.5″ wide by 23.5″ long (the part between the black strap ends). For those of you that might not want to wait on a photo tutorial I’ll give you a basic rundown of how I did it:


  • 1 charm pack or fabric of your choice
  • 1 camera strap
  • Optional (unless your camera strap won’t fit in your cover): Nylon webbing wide enough to snugly fit inside your cover (1 – 1.5″ usually)
  1. Cut 1.5″ Strips from charm squares that I pulled out of the pack.
  2. Sew them together using 1/4″ seam
  3. Press seams one direction
  4. Using fusible fleece fuse it to the wrong side of the strips
  5. Quilt 1/4″ away from the seam lines (you can do both sides if you prefer that look, I only did one side)
  6. Cut two strips measuring 2.25″ wide and however long you made it from your quilted charm strips
  7. Now you need to turn under the ends on both your strips. Make sure you leave enough room to turn under the ends and have your strap come out to be the proper length to fit your camera strap.  I turned my ends under about 1/2″ and inch on one side, trimmed it long on the other side and pinned where I needed to turn the other side under to have it come out to be 23.5″ long.
  8. Pin your strips right sides together and sew 1/4″ from the edge on both sides, backstitch at the top and bottom for strength.
  9. Turn inside out (I used a really strong wooden turney outey tool thingie that helped but it took some grunt work).

Ok so here’s where I screwed up. My strips ended up being too narrow because I made my strips 2″ instead of 2.25 not realizing how bulky they would be once turned inside out. I think making your strips 2.25″ wide will allow you to pull it over your existing camera strap and then you’re done. If not – don’t despair! I managed to fix mine.

If your quilted cover won’t fit over existing strap it’s time to improvise:

Get some nylon webbing, preferably wide enough to snugly fit inside your new cover when you pull it through.

Pull nylon webbing through your new quilted cover. Leave the ends long.

On your existing camera strap snip off the leather ends that hold the loops that attach to the camera from the main strap piece.

Use a seam ripper to open up the end that attached to the strap. Trim as much of the existing strap out of there as you can, leave the leather covers intact because you’re going to use them!

Using strong thread and a strong needle insert one end the nylon webbing between the two layers of the leather strap end. Follow the stitching lines and stitch a double stitch around all the seam lines (if your machine doesn’t have a double stitch just stitch over the seam lines two or three times, especially the one nearest to the nylon webbing at the top).

Now pull the nylon webbing through your cover so that the newly attached leather end is snug against the edge of your quilted cover. Make sure the strap lays flat.

On the other end trim the nylon webbing long and insert it into the other leather strap end (make sure both ends are facing the same direction with the buckles and such). If it doesn’t sit snugly against the cover when you lay everything flat trim the nylon webbing a bit closer and try again. To sew down the seams you will probably have to push the cover up the nylon a bit to give you room. Sew down seams as you did before.

Now your cover should lay flat and you have both ends attached. Change thread color to match your cover and quilt two lines 1/4″ from the edge along both sides for strength. This should attach your cover to the nylon webbing securely so it doesn’t slip around while you’re wearing it.


  1. This looks great Katie! Have fun on your cruise, I am SO jealous LOL.

  2. Hi Katie,

    This came out beautiful! So pretty and much nicer than the usual black strap.
    I’m sure you’ll get lots of compliments on your cruise.

  3. Thanks, Katie! This turned out so cute. Definitely on my list of things to make before Spring Break!

  4. how cute will you be on the cruise with your quilted strap and the tank dresses!
    this came out great:-)

  5. Your strap looks fabulous. I am so behind on my podcasts and blogs – new job and family issues have taken all my time! I’m so jealous of your cruise. DH and I were on Allure of the Seas exactly a year ago. I’m having a week of depression! I know you will have an awesome time!

  6. Enid Mejias says:

    Love that camera strap! Please a tutorial thanks!