Bernie’s Famous and Finishing UFOs

So in January I had someone contact me via Flickr to ask for permission to use one of my photographs of Bernie for a t-shirt design they wanted to create. Threadless is a t-shirt company that does all sorts of designs created by users and I’ve ordered stuff from them before. I gave my permission not really thinking it would go anywhere.

Yesterday one of the designers contacted me to let me know the t-shirt was selected to be printed and was now on sale! They came up with a great design and I’m thrilled it’s successful. All sizes are on sale for $10 right now too – I ordered one to hang on a canvas in my sewing studio.

“Defenders of the Sky” @ Threadless

Bernie - Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The Original Photo

I’m going out of town this weekend so I can’t get too involved in a project or start anything new. I pulled out some UFOs that are in the process of being quilted and worked on them. Last night an oldie I started quilting last year came out to play! Remember this?


I pulled it out again to finish quilting. I worked on the tree and the outside beige areas. I have a bit more quilting to do on the inside and then I just have the green border left to work on.

Riley Blake Good Life Panel

Still learning the intricacies of quilting on my Pfaff Creative 2.0. Every sewing machine has a different feel to it. I have two different feet and settings I can use to quilt on this machine. Not sure which I like better yet. This panel is giving me good practice though.


  1. Carole Ann Wool says:

    Such a great picture! She looks wonderful!

  2. Yay for Bernie’s t-shirt, it looks great! :o)

  3. Bernie! Looking good :). Love the quilting on that piece too