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Using the Bonnie Hunter Patchwork Seam Guide

Singer 201-2 - "Betty"A few months ago Bonnie Hunter (my favorite scrap quilt designer) came out with a little acrylic patchwork seam guide.  This is a little acrylic guide used mostly on vintage machines in conjunction with a metal seam guide arm attachment.

I have two vintage Singers that I sew on – a Singer 201-2 and a Singer 221K (Featherweight). I kept having issues where my seams were not consistent when I’d switch machines for my 1/4″ seam. Even though you can purchase a 1/4″ foot it’s not always accurate for a scant 1/4″ seam so I don’t like to use it for piecing. I needed something accurate when I’d switch machines.

Thankfully, Bonnie released this handy little acrylic seam guide that is great for vintage machine users like me! I use this in conjunction with a metal seam or (cloth) guide that I purchased for both my machines. The 221k uses a slightly smaller thumbscrew so I have to make sure I use the right one for the right machine.

Bonnie hunter seam guide ruler

The seam guide comes with holes to set seams from a scant 1/4″ up to 3/4″ seams.

Bonnie hunter seam guide ruler

Drop the needle through the desired guide hole and lower the presser foot. If you have marking lines on your needle plate you can use those to make sure it is straight.

Bonnie hunter seam guide ruler

Then you scoot the metal seam guide right up against the ruler and tighten the thumbscrew.

Bonnie hunter seam guide ruler

Nice and snug now! Remove the ruler and you’re ready to sew accurate seams.

Bonnie hunter seam guide ruler

I’m starting some strip sets for some Scrappy Trips Around the World blocks. My 2.5″ strip bin is overflowing so I need to do something with all of these strips taking up space. It’s the perfect project for sewing while traveling.

The only bad thing is Bonnie won’t send these out individually so you either have to order one with one of her books or order a pack of six and get some friends to help out on the group buy. I have two machines so I ordered six and kept two, one to stay with each one. I also shipped one to a blog reader.

So if you have a vintage machine you may find this useful!

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