Mini quilt finish! March Holiday House AKA The Glitter Bomb

Yellow glitter is going to be all over the place for a while I think. I enjoyed putting it on the quilt but oh boy – does it get EVERYWHERE! This is my first completed quilt out of a 12 quilt series of mini holiday houses. Mine finished at about 12 x 15″ so it’s pretty small but has lots of detail!

March Holiday House Quilt - Zebra Patterns

March Holiday House Quilt - Zebra Patterns

March Holiday House Quilt - Zebra Patterns

March Holiday House Quilt - Zebra Patterns

And the back with my fancy hanging triangles:

March Holiday House Quilt - Zebra Patterns

So cute! I’ll be hanging it on my door at work to enjoy. I gotta get the kit for April now so I can have that ready in time! Started it yesterday and got it finished tonight. Cutting out the fabric was the most tedious part. Ugh. But it’s worth the effort! I think all of them look slightly different since the shops choose their own fabrics. Love mine!


  1. Rhonda Laws says:

    Love this…. Your office must be the best decorated within 100 miles

  2. Heather M says:

    Really cute! It’ll be fun to change them out every month.

  3. Oh Katie, your house is just so gorgeous, it has to be one of your best ever, and that is saying something because everything you make is so lovely.Have you told us about these mini houses in earlier blog posts or podcast? I think I must have missed them if you had.
    St Patrick’s Day seems to be growing in popularity to celebrate in places other than Ireland,there are a lot of green costumes and accessories in our el cheapo shops here in NZ, I sometimes wonder it makes an Irish born cringe. Having said that I reckon that scrumptious little green and glittery quiltlet of yours would look good on anyone’s wall at anytime of the year.

    • I mentioned them in passing a few podcasts ago but this was the first one I’ve actually finished! I have January and February kits lying around if I want to do more but I think once I purchase April that will be next.

  4. What a great St. Paddy’s Day quilt that is. Love the buttons.

  5. Love this! I’ve never added glitter to a quilt. How did you do that? Paint on a thin layer of glue and then sprinkle?

    • I tried two different methods. The first I painted the glue on and sprinkled the glitter. That worked okay but didn’t get even coverage I found. The second one I put some glue on the paintbrush and then dipped it into the glitter pot and painted it on that way. I think it was much thicker and I seemed to get more even coverage. I need to get a better paintbrush for painting the glitter though – mine kept getting bristles in the glue.