Archives for March 2013

March Giveaway – A Quilters Shamrock Shake!

I've heard amazing things about the McDonalds Shamrock shake every year but I've never tried one myself. This version from The Quilt Bear is more up my alley - it's calorie free! The March … [Read more...]

Quilting Modern and Letting Go

My Madrona Road challenge quilt is quilted! I'm a bit rusty so I'm calling this "wonky quilting" and I'm okay with letting go a bit for this one. I think this quilt will end up on my office … [Read more...]

Weekend Happenings – Modern Leaves come to life

This weekend was pretty busy for me. Saturday was mostly all about prepping and teaching my second melt and blend class. Sunday I caught up on some other stuff and continued getting my … [Read more...]

Second quilting class under my belt!

It was so much fun. I really enjoy teaching a lot and I love watching people get excited about this technique. We had a great group of ladies in class today that had a blast learning how to … [Read more...]