Second quilting class under my belt!

It was so much fun. I really enjoy teaching a lot and I love watching people get excited about this technique. We had a great group of ladies in class today that had a blast learning how to melt and blend crayons for applique shapes.

Melt and blend appliqué class #2!

A sweet little pear blossom!
Melt and blend appliqué class #2!

Some of the shapes one of the students got finished
Melt and blend appliqué class #2!

Melting away!
Melt and blend appliqué class #2!

Melt and blend appliqué class #2!

I love the butterflies here
Melt and blend appliqué class #2!

Everyones pieces end up looking different
Melt and blend appliqué class #2!

Melt and blend appliqué class #2!

And I got to see where Tess decided to hang up my Iris quilt in the shop. It looks amazing in the natural window light!

Melt and blend appliqué class #2!

Melt and blend appliqué class #2!

My cute little bag has a special place too (this is for a future class that I’ll be teaching)
Melt and blend appliqué class #2!

So much fun! I teach another section of this class in May with all new students so it should be pretty exciting.


  1. Look at you! Time flies when you’re having fun! It’s so nice you have a place to teach. So happy for you!

  2. Colleen Lane says:

    Katie, I’ve followed your Pod cast/blog from the beginning. It’s so exciting to see where you started and how far your craft/hobby has developed. Your an inspriation to many. You are blessed with a wonderful gift.



    • Thanks so much Colleen! I’m enjoying it a lot so far and thrilled about how many new people I get to meet this way that share my same passion.

  3. Where can I find a tutorial on crayons and applique? I love what you’ve done and I have some ideas.

  4. Have you thought about teaching this class via Craftsy? It looks so fun and would be great for those of us who are too far away to take it in person.

    Thanks for your podcasts. I’m a long-time listener and really appreciate all the effort you do to put them out.

    • I wish the creator of the method would do a Craftsy class because I think it’s a really neat technique. Sadly, it’s not my own so I can’t do a class on it.

  5. Looks like everyone had a blast– congratulations Katie!

  6. Awesome!
    The class members did some really pretty work! They looked like they were enjoying themselves.
    I hope you are feeling better from the sniffles.
    I love you!

  7. Fun! What/where is this shop?

    • This shop is in Lutz, Florida. It’s called Scrap and Sew! She does all sorts of neat classes there and has a great variety of fabrics and notions. It’s where I bought my new Pfaff from. 🙂 I’m teaching the class again in May since demand has been high for it.

  8. Look how much you have grown as a quilter/ creative person! So happy to see the teaching working out although I am not surprised. What I am surprised is hearing you are teaching the bag class. Not long ago I heard you say you we’re bag challenged – well look at you now! You go girl 🙂

  9. Donna G. says:

    Great job Katie! Looks like everyone is having fun and being very creative. Good for you!