New thimble, furniture refurb, owls and sundry

Jinny Beyer style Thimble

Last Friday I drove out to the Lakeland Sew Expo mostly to get a thimble fitted. Until now I’ve been struggling with cheap thimbles that never seemed to fit right or stay on my finger. This custom fitted thimble fits great, I can shake my hand around and it doesn’t fall off and it’s comfortable! TJ Lane makes these thimbles and they come with a lifetime guarantee. If they ever stop fitting for any reason or you poke a hole through it with a needle they will replace it.

I tried on four or five thimbles before settling on this one. It feels like a new piece of jewelry (well it basically is since it’s sterling silver).  I plan on making a little pouch for it so I can keep it safe and not misplace it.

Dune - signed by Patrick StewartSaturday we drove out to Orlando for Megacon – a comic/anime/sci-fi convention. All of the Star Trek TNG cast members were there for autograph signings and a panel we bought tickets for later that evening. It was crowded! We waited in line for a couple of hours to get Patrick Stewart’s autograph on my DVD copy of Dune. He was not amused and said “It wasn’t very good.” We got a chuckle out of it.

I got a few photos of the cosplay characters on my good camera. I wanted to find some Totoro stuff but got tired fighting the crowds trying to look at the vendor booths so we relaxed a bit until we had to get back in line to wait for the panel to open. It was fun seeing all the actors on stage together interacting again.

Sunday was a more productive day for me. I got up early, did some machine embroidery, got my nails done, ran an errand and got some groceries, came back home, primed and painted my childhood dresser and then relaxed and watched the series finale of Girls.

I’ve been wanting to paint this dresser for nearly four years now – since we moved into our house. Finally got my act together and did it. It may not be perfect but at least it’s nearly done! I just need to put on the new hardware.




Hoping the drawer pulls aren’t too hard to install. I may take them back and just get single bolt style pulls to make my life easier since the holes are already drilled for that.

Last night I got this little top quilted finally. Just need to bind it and it’ll be ready for Etsy.

I also made these little guys! These are an Embroidery Garden design. They will hold a credit card or business card in the back in a small pocket. I think they’re adorable.



  1. The owls are just adorable!!

  2. Did you get your nails done just to show off your new thimble?
    I’m jealous, I want one.

    • Lol nope – I do get them regularly done to prevent breakage. I like the shellac gel coating, it lasts two to three weeks and I’m hard on my nails.

  3. You got a ton accomplished! My mom was at the expo and bought a little juki machine 🙂

  4. Enid Mejias says:

    I went to the thimble website found it to be very very pricey! Too much for my budget

    • After spending lots of money on junk thimbles I decided to invest in a good one. This one comes with a lifetime warranty so if it ever stops fitting right they’ll send me one that fits properly and exchange it. Definitely a lifetime investment in a good thimble!

  5. Enid Mejias says:

    Love the owl keychain is there a tutorial for that?