Weekend Happenings – Modern Leaves come to life

This weekend was pretty busy for me. Saturday was mostly all about prepping and teaching my second melt and blend class. Sunday I caught up on some other stuff and continued getting my Madrona Road challenge quilt ready for quilting.

String block units can be somewhat time consuming to complete. I started them over a week ago and finally got all of them done yesterday. I was able to start cutting out leaves.


The leaves were free form drawn by hand. My Karen Kay Buckley applique scissors came in handy to cut them out of the string blocks. I arranged the blocks together with some white sashing to go on the right hand side of the quilt top. Leaf texture will be quilted inside the leaf shape.


On the left side I played around with the leaf placement. If I had time I’d use a bigger background area but I need to have this quilted and bound by Saturday so I’ve got to get this done.

This is the completed top! I’ll be sandwiching it tonight and getting it ready to quilt.

Kismet got a touch of corgi added to her finally!


And I put together my new barefoot running shoes yesterday. I’m not great with knots but managed to get these done with the help of the website tutorials (they can make a pair for you too). These are Xero Shoes and are minimalist running sandals. They help simulate barefoot running while giving your foot some protection from the ground. I love how comfortable they are! I’m a flip flop girl and these were right up my alley. Hoping I can do my first walk/jog in them sometime this week and see how they do. Great for walking, jogging and running. These are definitely my new flip flops to wear EVERYWHERE! I wore them all day yesterday around the house.



  1. Years ago (before I married your Dad) I had a pair of sandals similar to yours! They were my favorites at the time. They were Kino sandals which are made in a sandal factory/shop in Key West. Remember the sandal factory we visited when we went to Key West for a state trooper’s conference when you were growing up? That’s it! My sandals had white roping on them.

    You will have to plan a small vacation to Key West to visit Kino’s (if they are still there).

    • Yeah but these Xero Shoes won’t give me blisters. I got blisters from the Kinos sandals and also from the Birkenstocks every time I wore them. The Xero Shoes are as close to barefoot as you can get so it makes your feet get stronger.

  2. Barefoot running…shudder…. 🙂 I’m glad to see Corgi bling on Kismet!