65 – Clip It Up, New Bag, Text Prints, Meeting a listener


Clip it up system for fabric organization


  1. Looks great Katie…

  2. What a neat idea! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Мне понравилась идея клип It Up системы. Посмотрела по ссылке, что там есть ещё интересного. Сама не догадалась бы так повесить ткань. Здорово!

  4. The Clip it up system looks great. I may have to invest in something like that. I like hanging large cuts of fabric in a closet from the clippy pants and skirt hangers. This is wonderful for the smaller bits!

  5. Enjoyed your podcast, as always. I tend to listen on Fridays and it puts me in a quilty frame of mind for the weekend.

  6. Thanks for the nice long episodes (I am catching up after a multitude of computer problems)! I get scared when I have a lot of your episodes to which to listen and then I start listening and am so happy to listen. Weird, I know.

    I did not know about the invisible ladder stitch and I have been so frustrated with sewing pincushions and bag liners closed. Thanks for the mention! I am going to look it up and try it out. Have you tried it with monofilament?

    Take care!


  1. […] My Clip it Up Organizing System – so great to organize fat quarters or smaller cuts of fabric that won’t fit on a comic book board. […]

  2. […] that cumbersome to maintain so I think I’ll be switching to something else.  I still love my Clip It Up system and will continue utilizing that for fat quarters and small leftover […]