The Origins Pinwheel Quilt Top is Finished!

Moments ago I finished putting on the border for the Origins Pinwheel Quilt top. My original plan for the border was something much simpler – just rectangular blocks of the linen fabrics but after doing some soul searching (and Google searching) I thought this might work for the quilt instead!

I broke out my favorite flying geese ruler (EZ Stars and Geese by Kimberly Einmo) and went to work. This did take several hours to do but I think it needed a good border.  The finished top measures 50.5″ x 56″ now.

Origins by Basic Gray - Pinwheel quilt top

This quilt top is difficult to photograph indoors due to all the dark fabrics but I tried my best with my popup flash. Anyway – some the border fabrics are actually from Robert Kaufman’s Linen line – they were a gift from a podcast listener and I thought the colors would work with the Origins fabric line. I was right! The black fabric for the geese wings and the rest of the border is some textured black print that worked with the linen and the blacks in the origins fabric.

Origins by Basic Gray - Pinwheel quilt top

Origins by Basic Gray - Pinwheel quilt top

Origins by Basic Gray - Pinwheel quilt top

Origins by Basic Gray - Pinwheel quilt top

Now the agonizing decision of how to quilt it.


  1. It is gorgeous! I love the border, it fits the pinwheels perfectly. I am also working on a pinwheel quilt right now. I will be eagerly waiting for photos of your quilting!

  2. Love your quilt – I wanted to get a stack of origins so badly, but finances just didn’t let me do it – will be fun to see how you decide to quilt it and what you do for a backing.

  3. Gorgeous! Can’t wait to see the finished quilt!

  4. That border looks great. I love the texture of those RK Quilters Linens, I’ve got some in red that I just couldn’t ignore when I saw them.

  5. I love it Katie – I have also had a love affair with this fabric line and your quilt is the perfect use for it! You made a great decision on the border, it adds real dimension to the quilt, elevating it beyond the pinwheel. The color gradation is awesome.

  6. Интересно по цвету разложено. Как будто свет луны в ночной воде отражается. И улетают птицы! Здорово! “Ночь, Луна, Птицы”


    Interestingly the color of decomposed. As if the light of the moon reflected in water overnight. And the birds fly away! It’s great! “Night of the Moon, The Birds”

  7. It came out fantastic! I always loved this quilt as you know, but the borders frame it perfectly! I agree with Svetlana, the background does look like night sky as the geese fly! Can’t wait to see it quilted! You could do an allover flower design it would look good with the pinwheels I think. This top looks very playful to me!

  8. Katie, I think the border is very fitting. It adds the perfect ending to the pinwheels. The fabrics are wonderful too. Keep on quilting!

  9. Love it! The design is perfect. Great Job. The borders look nice. I love when the borders are detailed. I usually get lazy at this point and rush:) Much nicer when you take your time and add the detailed touches.

  10. You nailed it! It looks fantastic!

  11. This turned out beautifully – the border is perfect!

  12. Carole Wool says:

    I love the border, Katie! Nice job!

  13. I like how you put the quilt together. I really like the border design.

    For not feeling like sewing for a while you really get a lot accomplished. I just listened to your Clip-it podcast and you have many posts showing all your projects that you have been working on since that podcast.

    Thank you for sharing your sewing machine belt idea. I love it! I too end up with items that I frequently use falling to the floor. I will be making one for my machine.

    I had to laugh about your comment about blizzards in April. All winter long the ground was barren here since there was very little snowfall here. Then came April and a record snow fall came. The snow was gone within days though. When the snow came through many people got to stay home from work, however, with my work I still had to get to work. Day two of the snow was horrible to drive in since cars had to drive in the tracks of other trucks that had gone out before others. The ruts were deep an mountainous. I have a SUV so I did not get stuck in anywhere. I would have enjoyed staying at home to sew but that was not the case.


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