The Quilting Corner Moves

I’ve talked about wanting to move to a larger space in my house for a few months now. Since I’m mostly recovered from my respiratory illness I thought I’d try to tackle a good portion of the move today. I got way more done than I anticipated! I’d say I’m about 75% finished with the move.

My sewing room was a 10×10 foot room with a small closet. I’m taking over my formal dining room and front “parlor” room which is an L-shaped space in the entryway of my home. I’ve got three large windows that face north and east so I get some really great light. There are also some nice shutters built in so I can close them to minimize sun damage to my thread and fabrics when I’m not sewing.

Moving the quilting corner Moving the quilting corner

I still can’t believe how much stuff I had crammed into that room. I also had some stuff strewn around the rest of the house so I’m trying to keep it all in one area now. I got the furniture moved and mostly put into place I think. I’ll be rearranging for a few weeks so we’ll see how things shake out.

Moving the quilting corner

My sewing table sits in front of one of the windows. I can open the quilting leaf and just scoot the chair out of the way if I need to. Not sure how often I’ll have it open.

Moving the quilting corner

Moving the quilting corner

Moving the quilting corner

I’ve got two tables near me for hooping projects and cutting small fabrics. I also hung up two ribbon organizers (one holds my stabilizer) and two thread racks. One rack is next to “Betty” my Singer 201-2 (she’s put away in her cabinet).

Moving the quilting corner

I took the big TV from Ringo since he wasn’t using it. He bought it for his retro gaming area but it hasn’t gotten much use of late. It’ll be a few months before I get it hooked up to cable but until then I’ve got my Roku and DVD player. That takes are of a lot of stuff I want to watch and it’ll stream Pandora nicely for me when I just want to jam out to music. I love my chair! It’s so comfy and will be perfect when I’m hand sewing binding onto a quilt.

Moving the quilting corner

Moving the quilting corner

Moving the quilting corner

Moving the quilting corner

My new cutting area is going to be fabulous! I have some other stuff I want to do in here but until then it’s quite usable. I want to get a few sterilite drawer systems to go underneath the cutting table, wrap some fabric around it to hide them and get rid of some of the other rolling carts that I have to minimize clutter. My Accuquilt Go! cart is here to stay though. It rolls on wheels and I keep most of my dies and cutting mats on the shelves. I can roll it anywhere and cut fabric at will.

Things I still need to do:

Hang design wall
Repaint pegboards
Hang pegboards
Move white bookcase
Figure out lighting for night sewing

I’m excited about my new space! Exhausted though. Long day of moving and organizing stuff.  I’ll take high quality pix when I get the move completed.


  1. Diane Rincon says:

    Your new sewing area looks so good. I am amazed by what you got done today!

  2. You are so FAST! I am pretty sure it would take me a week to get through all of that. It looks amazing! I would love to take over a larger space in my home but that’s probably not going to happen with my bungee kids. I need to change the locks! LOL

  3. Super impressed with your new studio! You got all that done in a day?! My “studio” is in my unfinished basement.

  4. Jan Gunter says:

    That is looking sew good Katie!! I would love to have my things all in one basic space!!

  5. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!!

  6. Looking good Katie!! I wish I had that much area! Last week JoAnn’s had Ott Floor lamps on sale for $50. I ordered 2, you can never have enough light!!

  7. Diana LaFaro says:

    Great quilting room! Can’t wait to see the pictures when it’s finished. Love your blog.

  8. You will need more light for that area. Enjoy your new sewing corner!

  9. Guess it’s not gonna be a quilting corner, but rather a quilting room, right? 🙂 It’s coming really nicely together Katie! I love the arching windows they look really pretty! You’ll have plenty of daylight during the day!

  10. You must be thrilled. Such a bright and inviting place.

  11. barb smith says:

    Hi Katie it’s going to be so nice when you finish. How wonderful to have so much space to work in. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the pictures when you’re done. Now you have to go back to work to rest up.

  12. So happy that you are achieving your dream workspace, considering you are still getting over your infection you have done incredibly well, I guess you were running on the adrenaline that excitement brings.
    Will the old adage, the greater the space the more stuff you need turn out to be true?All those fabulous quilting “extras” we so love to acquire.I would like to ask another question, not only of you but all the other quilters who do it…how do you watch tv or movies while you are stitching?. I can listen to music without a problem but couldn’t be sewing while looking at the screen.Even hand sewing while following a movie or programme would be a challenge for me.I know we females are supposed to be able to multitask but a newbie quilter like me needs her eye on the needle at all times.

    • Oh I don’t really watch TV I just listen to a movie or TV show while it’s playing. It’s easy when I’m doing machine embroidery because I’m mostly just babysitting the machine making sure the thread doesn’t get snagged or break.

  13. Much better use of that space! Who needs a dining room or parlor anyways! Kudo’s to your husband for supporting your move and giving up his TV!

  14. Amy Laura says:

    Love it, love it, love it! What a beautiful space. I think it makes so much sense to turn a main area into your sewing area considering how much time you spend there! Enjoy 🙂

  15. Wow Katie! What a great space 🙂 You’re going to love it!!!

  16. Great job on setting this room up! I have been admiring your space. You are on my regular read blog list.

    Would lyou share where you found that cutting table? I need a sturdy one, and it looks like it has good support.

    • It was a table that JoAnn’s had on sale. I ended up getting it for 60% off by combining coupons. It’s an okay table – I’d like to eventually replace it with something a bit sturdier but I love that this has wheels and I can move it out of the way. It also folds up a bit to become smaller.

      If you can get the table JoAnns sells for 50-60% off I’d say it’s worth it.